Nintex Icons missing from Ribbon

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If you are not seeing your Nintex Workflow / Forms buttons on a list where the site features have been enabled and you are able to use Nintex on other lists in the site then its  more than likely this is being caused by the web part settings for that list.

To resolve this issue you simply need to ensure that the web part settings for "Toolbar Type" are set to "Full Toolbar". You can change this setting by selecting "Edit page" and selecting the web part that displays the list and then either clicking "web part properties" in the ribbon or selecting the "Web part menu" drop down arrow. This will open a menu that looks similar to the image below. Once there, change the following option:


You must have "full toolbar" enabled as the Nintex Icons are treated as an "addin" according to SharePoint and is therefore hidden when the toolbar is not set to "full toolbar". If you are still having issues please submit a support case.


Andrew Beals

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Thanks for this!

Note that the list view webpart settings are per view - if you set the toolbar setting to "No toolbar" on one view, you can still have another view that does have the full toolbar and the Nintex buttons.

Here's how to configure webparts on a view:

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Ah this is superb - worked a charm thanks so much

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Thanks for the additional tip! That's great!

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Glad to hear it!

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Glad to be of help!

Canvas Initiate

Andrew, thanks for this.  It explains what I am seeing in my application.  It is confusing though because only the workflow items are hidden; the Nintex Forms icon remains visible and functional.

Given this behavior, how do I hide the "+new item" action in the toolbar?

Nintex Newbie

Thanks Andrew! Does Nintex or Microsoft have any plans to do away with or work around this "add-in" behavior in the future? Has Nintex let Microsoft know that it should consider changing this behavior? It seems like bad design -- these ribbon menu options should always show regardless of the web part's front-end toolbar code.