Nintex Hawkeye Support Status Notice

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Due to the launch of and upgrade to Nintex Analytics, support for and access to Nintex Hawkeye will end on May 3, 2021. If you have not yet upgraded to Nintex Analytics, you will need to do this before May 3, 2021. See the Nintex Analytics quick start guide for information on how to upgrade to Nintex Analytics in 5 easy steps. If you have already upgraded to Nintex Analytics, you don’t need to take any action.


Why has Nintex Analytics replaced Nintex Hawkeye?

Nintex Analytics provides the same great functionality you had in Nintex Hawkeye, plus much more. Based on feedback from customers like you, Nintex Analytics was built to ensure data accuracy and scalability while continuing to provide easy-to-use reporting capabilities. With Nintex Analytics, you’ll have a robust infrastructure, pre-built dashboards and a wide variety of widgets to give you visibility into workflows across your entire Nintex deployment.

The construct of lenses in Nintex Hawkeye will no longer exist in Nintex Analytics, instead will be replaced by out of the box dashboards and deep-dive views into your workflow, instances, actions and tasks.


Here are some key improvements we've delivered with the launch of Nintex Analytics:


  • Scalable infrastructure: the new portal has been built from the ground up using Azure Data Lakes, which ensures a highly responsive experience and enables deeper insights across your Nintex process platform.
  • Data Accuracy: by rebuilding our data infrastructure from scratch, we were able to ensure data accuracy as a primary goal. We know how critical data is for key decision-making and this is a key focus of our Engineering and Product teams.
  • Ease of Use: Smooth migration from Nintex Hawkeye, little time to get started
  • Single sign-on: users can now leverage their Nintex Customer Central credentials to sign in, reducing friction and having to remember separate credentials.


See the Nintex Analytic release notes for information on new features that have been released since launch.

Need assistance with upgrading to Nintex Analytics?

Please reach out to your Nintex representative or contact Nintex Support.