Nintex Forms and Oceanik

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I got the requirement to design a multilingual form the other day.

Thanks toVadim Tabakman‌ for describing a good way to realize such a form.

Since my customer is thinking about translating the whole SharePoint-Plattform, Oceanik came into discussion.
Unfortunately, I haven't found any discussion about Nintex Forms and Oceanik in combination yet so I decided to share my learnings here. To learn about the capabilities of Oceanik, please visit their website here: OCEANIK for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 - Oceanik 

First, I installed Oceanik on my test environment and activated it on a plain SiteCollection. For this test, I translate terms from Englisch to German.

To check whether the solution is working or not, I put "Go-Live" on my homepage. Now I can switch between the two languages and see the result.

So far so good.

As you can see in the left navigation, I also created a list called "Expenses" and translated that to "Spesen".

Now for my next test, I use the term "expenses" in a label control on my Nintex Form and publish it.

Sadly, Oceanik doesn't seem to be able to translate terms inside a Nintex Form, I thought...

Do you want to see something really odd?

When I use "expenses" as an option inside a choice-control, the translation works:


Oceanik isn't fully supported by Nintex Forms. Under some circumstances, terms are getting translated. Enterprises who face the difficulty of translating their whole SharePoint still need a workaround for Nintex Forms.

Please feel free to comment your experience or guide me if I missed a setting.

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Thank you for this great write up! It's interesting to see what it translates and doesn't -- and I'd never heard of Oceanik before.

I started wondering how I'd go about a multilingual form ... I think if it were one simple form, I'd probably use tabs -- English tab, French tab.

If I had a multi-tab form though ... I think I'd have to build them separately and just have links to launch the French form or the English form.

Good things to think about in advance, I suppose!



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I'd like to add, that multilingual forms is a big topic here. Mostly, companies define one default language.

But from a user's perspective, I totally understand that you want some forms in your native language. As long as all forms are stored in the same site, a translation master list does the job. Thinking about finance, hr and project forms, a firm-wide solution must be taken into consideration.

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Hi Raphael, 

Nice gibt with oceanik. I didn't know this either, but will keep that in mind for future projects. 

However - is there any alternative to using lookup functions and calculated fields to create a multi lingual form?