New Release! Nintex Mobile Enterprise - September 16, 2015

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As of September 16, we have an update to Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Add-in for Outlook

The latest release enhances the workflow experience for SharePoint and Office 365 users and makes Lazy Approvals even more lazy.

Nintex Mobile Enterprise

You can now create collections of Nintex Forms and Workflow tasks, specifying which forms or tasks go into a given app, allowing you to build and deploy branded app by department, region or a specific process.  This will give the end user the convenience of a single entry point for the forms and workflow tasks relevant to them.

Highlights of the update:

  • Create line-of-business-targeted Apps. using the tools you are already familiar with (Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms)
  • Give your business users access to only the forms and workflows that are relevant to them, on their device, via a manageable and governable solution

Here's where to find:

Release notes; Nintex Mobile Apps - Release Notes​!

Help files:  This link

Bonus: We've updated the Nintex Add-in for Outlook!

This nifty enhancement to Lazy Approvals allows you to interact directly with a Lazy Approval-enabled task inside of your Outlook 2013/2016 client or directly in the Outlook Web app.  The Nintex Office Add-In automatically recognizes Lazy Approval messages in your inbox and displays approval options for the user to complete. Read about it at Announcing: Nintex Add-in for Outlook​.

Nintex Add-in for Outlook is available for free from the Office Store.

Find the Nintex Mobile Enterprise  product release notes here.