New! Easier way to add a signature capture

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Applies to: Nintex Forms for Office 365, Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016

As a forms designer, you can add a signature control into a form for a signature capture that is delivered to Nintex Mobile app using the Multi Line Text Box control and custom JavaScript. The person filling out the form can write their signature as proof of a transaction when the signature capture is active in the app.

Note: The signature control is available for Nintex Mobile only.

To add a signature capture

  1. Prepare the signature catpure layout as follows:
    From the Forms Controls toolbox, drag and drop the Multi Line Textbox control onto the layout.
    Double-click the control. The control settings dialog box appears.
    For Name, enter Signature.
    Save your changes.
  2. Copy the script in the attached file to the clipboard.
  3. From the Nintex Forms tab, click Settings on the ribbon.
  4. Expand the Custom JavaScript section in the Settings dialog box.
  5. Paste the signature capture script into the provided space.
  6. Close the Settings dialog box and reopen it. The script is saved.
    Save and publish the form.

The information in this blog corresponds with the steps described here:  Sign my name across your heart