New: A Monthly Honor Roll

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This month, we're starting a new way of connecting you to the people who make Nintex Connect the community that it is. And to do that, we're literally asking you to "follow" ten people!  

Each month for the foreseeable future, I'll name ten people to an "honor roll" and you can visit their profile and click "follow" to make them a connection in the community.

Why do this?  Because following puts their activity in the news stream of your choosing and exposes you to how leading community members are engaging in Nintex Connect.  You'll see what content they're creating, and responding to.  It's a great way to enrich your community experience.

This month's Honor Roll members to follow:

honorroll Honor Roll

Marian Hatala

Enrico Knapp

Brendan Murphy

Rick Bakker

Courtney Vargo

Paul Crawford

Kok Koon Gan

Dan Stoll

Chaitra B C

Rhia Wieclawek

honor roll big

Honor Roll members will get this badge in their reputation center, along with 100 points.

This is not an undemocratic process!  If you'd like to nominate someone for the honor roll next month, post their name below and tell us why you think they should have a bigger following!