My First Workflow with Nintex Workflow Cloud

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Use My First Workflow to solve real business problems!

The My First Workflow sample is a great starting point use when you want to experiment with creating real business process workflows from a simple but functioning core.

This workflow supports an online “Request for information” process by collecting email addresses from a public web form and sending back a pre-formatted email. From here you can add a couple actions and connectors to create a quick prototype that asks for approval to send follow on emails. With a few more actions and connections you can grow this workflow into a true industrial strength enterprise level workflow.

Manual “Request for information” processes tend to be inconsistent as each reply is handled in a slightly different manner. This results in lost time, missed opportunities and false starts. With this automated system using the Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can create a consistent process where each request for information is met with a best practice response.

The Basic Workflow

This workflow responds to an email address added to an online form by sending a customized email to that address.

  1. Start when the user enters an email address to an online form and clicks Submit.
  2. Send a pre-formatted email to the email address.
  3. The workflow ends.



Quickstart with the My First Workflow Sample

  1. Open My First Workflow from the Dashboard
  2.  Select Save As to make a copy of the workflow
  3. Select Publish from the toolbar to publish the workflow
  4. Test your workflow by entering your email address in the online form and clicking Submit

For detailed instructions on configuring and publishing your workflow follow this guide.

You also can tour the First Workflow sample by clicking the Launch Guides in the lower left corner of the screen on the Dashboard.