Mission - The Profiler

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Profiler_makebadges-1461360009.pngWe'd like you to complete -- or update -- your profile!

The badge at the right will be your proof to the world that you completed yours.

You may wonder:  "What's the point? What good is this? Haven't I already done this? What's this got to do with learning about workflows or getting my questions answered?"

The short answer is, "Plenty."

Why Bother?


The overall reason is that completing your profile will improve your experience on this site.  And I don't mean touchy-feely stuff, such as the fact that having a complete profile makes the community more personal. Although it does.  Knowing who you're talking to certainly improves the likelihood that someone will be more inclined to work with you, provide answers, share expertise and generally be a helpful community member.

It's also very practical. Do you have any idea how many people share the same name? If every Bob Smith left an incomplete profile, how would they expect people to know who they're talking to?  Your profile is also essentially your opportunity to present yourself to the community the way YOU want them to see you. A profile that provides some biographical information can really boost your credibility, especially if you're a Nintex Partner sharing knowledge with customers in the community.

Perhaps most importantly, this community also provides access to certain features based on a member's profile.  If your profile is incomplete or has incorrect information, you'll find that you're not going to be able to see everything there is, and sometimes, you'll be locked out of places because the system doesn't know who you are.

How Do I Do This?


So, head over to: Avatar* > Edit Profile, then click "Your Profile," and fill in every field**.

If you've already done this, you have to "trick" the system a bit and RE-DO it ALL, so that you'll get the badge and access commensurate with your profile. This INCLUDES your profile and avatar image. You don't have to post a photo of yourself (although it sure would be nice to see your smiling face!), but you need to post something or the platform won't think you've filled in your profile.

Do this, and you'll get a nifty Profiler badge, full access to all the spaces you should be able to see, and my undying gratitude.

*(Your avatar is the image in the upper-right of the page.)

**The platform asks for some information that you may not want to give, including "home" address and phone number.  Fear not. The platform merely needs SOMETHING put in that field in the proper format.  It doesn't have to be accurate or your own. Use a work address or the address of a nearby fast food restaurant. We don't want your home address. It's just a field we can't change.  But I "can" and have set the visibility of those fields to "private to the user," so no matter what you put there, nobody but you will see it.


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For those who're working on this, know that I'm aware you may not earn the badge on your first go at it. Jive (the provider of this community platform) tells me it's "very tricky" to achieve the "profile complete event," which is the "thing you do" that triggers the reward of the badge. But I've tested this repeatedly and I know that if you actually do ALL the fields it will work.  Sometimes you need to re-do it a couple of times and ALL fields must be completed, even if you post stuff like a fake address. We are NOT interested in your actual address and phone number. 

The main reason I am offering this as a mission is because there will be changes to the community platform that will look MUCH better if you have a profile pic. And I want to take advantage of some features of Jive and our gamification console that require that information like your member type be accurate.  For example, I may want to offer separate incentives for Partners and Customers, and if your account is saved in Jive as a "customer," you'll be excluded. 

So, thank you to those of you doing this one!

Nintex Newbie

Frank Field​, likewise with Home Address which you mentioned above, it prompts for Join Date as well, which we have no idea when over a few years, and it used to come automatically from the profile. I know we can enter any date in it, but it defies the point then...

Shame Jive doesn't' give you full control on which field to set and make mandatory, may be you should sell them Nintex Forms 😉

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Well, I filled in my profile, mostly with dummy data, and as far as i can tell nothing happened. I have to say-

  1. It seems to me counter-productive to actively encourage people to use fabricated data. At least with a blank field you know you don't have a particular data item, what you'll end up with after this is "dirty" data, and no way of telling what's valid and what isn't.
  2. I would not provide personal details like home address on a platform like this, and you clearly don't expect other users to, so the "profile complete" criteria are wrong and need to be changed.
  3. Having updated my profile once and failed to trigger the "magic" event, I don't have hours to spend re-trying the process. If it's too hard, users simply won't bother.

I suggest you need to work with Jive to change the "sufficiently complete" criteria for profiles. Completing forum profiles is not an end in itself for the majority of users, we're here to help ourselves and other get the "day job" done.

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To be sure I am working with Jive on this and other issues.  And I actually agree with you in large part. The problem is that the profile complete won't trigger at all unless ALL fields are filled in.  The one I care about, because it affects so much else, is the Member Type.  And if THAT is filled out, accurately, I can move people into user groups and create more customized experiences here that can help people find what they want faster and get that job done. Hence my desire to encourage the profile completion, because without triggering that as a completed event, the system doesn't give me data on any of it being done. I hope that makes sense.

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Actually, I checked, and you did get the Profiler badge in your reputation center. Whew!  It's found under: avatar>view profile. Then under your image on that page, click "view points details" and you can see on the left the missions link. You can filter by earned and unearned.  So, it's a pain, and not a great experience, but in the end, if a lot of people do this it will help me make some changes in the future that will benefit people whose profiles are filled out. 

And thanks for your comments and taking the time to fill me in!

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Definitely hoping to use some automation in the future! 🙂  Especially with beta participants.

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That has to be one of the best hidden "encouragement" features I've ever seen. Still it worked so that's one small step towards profile heaven 😉

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Ha-ha! Thank you!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Did you see the Member Since date on you profile overview? I used that same date

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Since you mentioned how "hidden" these are, Colin Evans​, I wanted to circle back. Profiles have gotten a facelift. You can see more in New on Connect: Your Profile​.  And when you're in your profile, you'll see a tab for your Insights.  That's how you can see what impact you have on the community in your "personal insights."  You can read more on that in New on Connect - Personal Insights!

Hopefully the missions and your reputation are less hidden!