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All of your documents are tagged, delivery options have been configured, now it's time to move that newly created Drawloop Document Package from one org to another but how? The good news is, Nintex has thought about this and we’ve created a tool to make it easier on you.


Step 1: Confirm Drawloop is installed in your destination org


Log into the destination org navigate to Setup - Installed Packages and confirm that Nintex Drawloop is in the list of Installed Packages.



Step 2: Select the Document Packages you’d like to Migrate


Now that you’ve confirmed that Drawloop is installed in the destination org it’s time to select the document packages you want to migrate. Log into the source org and navigate to the Drawloop Document Packages list view. Once on the list view select the document packages you’d like to migrate then click the ‘Migrate Document Packages’ button.



Step 3: Use & Follow the Migration Wizard


Decide if you are going to migrate this Document Package to a Sandbox or a Production org by logging in then confirm if you'd like to copy over your security and component data. Leaving the options checked if you want to migrate those settings or uncheck the setting you would like to exclude from the migration. 


Select a folder that you want to add the documents that are associated with your Document Packages. If you select the ‘Use Default Location’ checkbox, Drawloop will try to store the Documents in a folder matching the folder name of the Source org, if that folder does not exist it will create that folder in the Document object for you.


Click the Migrate button. Wait a few minutes and you should receive an email confirming that your Document Package has been successfully migrated. Congratulations!



SUCCESS! Your Drawloop Document Packages are now available in your destination org. (You are done!)

You're ready to begin testing in another sandbox or roll out this new Document Package out to your Production users.


Want to learn more? Visit our documentation on how to Migrate Document Packages.



Q: My Salesforce orgs are on different versions of Drawloop. Should I update to the latest version on the AppExchange before migrating?

A: Yes, if possible make sure both Salesforce orgs are on the same version of Drawloop. If your Source org is on a newer version of Drawloop than your destination org you could run into the issue of missing functionality.

Q: I’m using a Report/SF Email Template in my Document Package how do I make sure my Report/SF Email Template is automatically connected to my Document Package in the destination org?

A: You’ll need to make sure that you move over any reports or Email Templates associated with the Document Package ahead of time. The easiest way to do this is to use a Salesforce Change Set.


Q: I’m running my Documents Packages via Salesforce Workflow is there anything special I need to consider?

A: Yes, once you’ve migrated your Document Packages to your destination org you’ll need to update your Drawloop Next field with the new Document Package and Delivery Option id.

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The trouble is, since the migration tool doesn't overwrite existing packages, you can't use it to migrate changes from one environment to another. For example, if you add a realationship to and update a document in an existing package in the UAT environment, you can't use the migration tool to move those changes into the existing package in production. This means that at deploy time, an admin has to manually make those changes in production. 


Joseph Pescatello‌ most customers migrate all new Document Packages so they can revert if needed.  We do have it on our roadmap to push updates and track changes for both documents and metadata.