Migrate your tenant to another data-center (1 of 3)

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Since the end of last year Nintex for Office365 is also available in various data-centers around the globe (Europe, Australia, Japan). If you're a new customer you can choose the data-center where your tenant will be hosted. I makes sense to choose a data-center that is close to your location - and that is close to the region where your Office365 tenant is being hosted.

If you already previously created a Nintex for Office365 tenant, this tenant is hosted in the US. But the good news: you can migrate that tenant to another data-center! So in my case I'm located in Germany and my Office365 tenant is hosted in Europe. So each time I access the Workflow-Designer in Office365 I have to make round-trips to the US - a round-trip within Europe would be faster.

The actual migration of the tenant was a no-brainer. Just contact either Nintex or your trusted Nintex Partner of choice and the migration will be prepared and executed in the background. After a couple of days you'll get feedback: your migration was successful!

After the migration comes the publishing

After the migration was completed you are faced with a challenge: all workflows have to be re-published!

The reason for this is the fact, that certain actions are not actually executed within the workflow manager of Office365, but rather they are executed by Nintex-hosted services. Since Office365 does not allow to add custom actions to the workflow-engine (like Nintex is doing in on-premise), this is the only way to extend the workflow-platform.

During the publishing-process of a workflow, there are actually service-calls being added to the actual workflow which is published to the workflow manager. These service-calls point to a certain data-center. So if you created a workflow while the tenant was hosted in the US, these service-calls are pointing to the West-US data-centers. So the workflows will continue to work, but the workflow-manager will still need to make round-trips to the US, even though the tenant is located in Europe.

So to "fix" this you'll have to re-publish all of your workflows. Depending on the version of your Nintex Workflow for Office365 app, you might have to update the app prior to re-publishing, because you need to have at least version 1.0.4 in order to take advantage of the new data-centers.


It's just a matter of overview

That being said - actually re-publishing all workflows doesn't seem to be that easy. If I'm currently looking at my Office365 admin-center I see just about 250 site-collections! Now I would have to go to each site-collection, look for all workflows and re-publish them.

But wait: there is no such overview of all workflows in a site-collection in Office365. And even worst: Nintex Workflow for Office365 is an app, that is being activated at a site-level! So I need to check each site in every site-collection whether the app was deployed there.

But once I get to the workflow-gallery of the site, I should at least get a list of all workflows in that site.

The column "workflow type" suggest that this list should contain site-workflows as well as list-workflows - but that is currently not the case. The workflow-gallery (accessed via the Nintex Workflow for Office365 app) only shows site-workflows. To find all the list-workflows I have to check the workflow-gallery of each list individually. So this "overview" didn't work out as expected.

I will cover how to gain a better overview in the next part.