May Mission Winners 2015

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During the month of May we had a two separate missions. Mission number one was May Mission - Selfie with Nintex!​ and the second mission was May Mission #2 - Take part in the Nintex Community Survey​.

In the first week of May, Nintex was at the Microsoft Ignite conference, and we asked the community if you were there to take a selfie at the Nintex booth and post it in the Nintex Gallery! Here are some of the pics from that week:


The Nintex Community Survey!

For the second half, it was survey time. We wanted to find out what you think of the community, how is it helping you, how could it be improved etc. 140 community members shared their insights into the Nintex community, and earned 200 points for taking the time .

I'm super thankful to everyone who shared their thoughts, you're all helping to shape the community so we can continue to grow a vibrant, exciting community. We just closed the survey yesterday, and I'll be summarising what people have said and share the results with you in the next week or two, so make sure you keep an eye open!

Another month down, and another month started. Time for the June Mission - What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow?

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You'll find it here The Nintex Community Survey Wrap Up