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   We’ve all heard the phrase “Lightning Ready”, but what does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean for Nintex’s Drawloop? To help shed some “Light-ning” on this (pun intended!), our resident expert and Partner Technical Evangelist, Ryan O’Leary has outlined the most common questions with supporting answers!

  1. What does “Lightning Ready” mean for Nintex Drawloop Document Generation?
  2. Can we generate documents by clicking our existing button?
  3. Is batch document generation supported in Lightning?
  4. Will all the documents being generated in Salesforce Workflow still work?
  5. Being that Salesforce has promoted Lightning Components, does that mean Drawloop has a Lightning Component?
  6. Do we have to reconfigure all of our Document Packages to support Lightning?
  7. What does “Lightning Ready” mean for Nintex Drawloop Document Generation?

   Great news! Nintex’s Drawloop product has been ready since April 2016 for your customers/users to generate all the documents that they have been generating in Salesforce Classic, inside of Lightning. Here are all the ways that Drawloop supports generating documents in Lightning:

1. Lightning Styled Classic Run Document Package Page


   The Lightning Styled Classic Run Document Package Page is the same Run page that your users are used to seeing when clicking on the “Generate Documents” button. Spruced up with a “shocking” new Lightning coat of paint. Although your existing buttons will work in Lightning, the recommended way of creating buttons for use in Lightning can be found here.

2. MASS Document Packages in Lightning


   Batch document generation can save users a lot of time by allowing them to select records in a list view or create a report of records they would like to generate documents for. Similar to the Lightning Styled Classic Run Document Package Page we have thrown a fresh coat of paint on our MASS Document Generation page.

3. Run Document Package Lightning Component


   The Run Document Package Lightning Component is entirely new way of being able to generate your Document Packages without ever having to leave the record. The Run Document Package Lightning Component (RDLC) was designed around the way we noticed our customers tend to run Document Packages. We’ve changed the Document Package selection to be the first thing users select, followed by Contact, Optional Document Selection, and Delivery Option.

   Some of the other enhancements added in Run Document Package Lightning Component include:

  • Search
  • Re-Run Document Packages
  • Modify a Run
  • Start a Run Over
  • Relabeling
    • Component Title
    • Document Package Label
  • Start the Component Expanded (See all of the options without having to click ‘Run’
  • Use the Lightning Component interface in place of the Mobile interface


Note: Some functionality is not yet supported with our Lightning Component, which can be found on the Drawloop Document Package detail page inside of Salesforce Classic.


We know that Document Package management inside of Lightning is something that our customers and partners have been asking for, the future is bright – stay tuned.


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