Lightning Fast Document Generation with Drawloop's New Lightning Component

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As Salesforce continues to expand functionality within Salesforce Lightning, Nintex Drawloop has also continued to expand on its functionality within this new UI. In version 11.0 of Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, customers can now leverage the Drawloop Lightning Component. This new feature allows customers to generate documents without ever leaving the page they are generating documents from.


  • Lightning LockerService Security must be disabled.
  • You must have Salesforce My Domain configured.


While in the Salesforce Lightning UI, click the Gear icon in the top-right corner of the page. Then select Edit Page.


You will see a list of Lightning Components in the left-hand menu. Under the 'Custom - Managed' section you will find the Drawloop - Run DDP component. Select this component and drag it over to the component menu on the page layout.


After drag-and-dropping the Drawloop - Run DDP component to the page layout you will see a new panel on the right-side of the page with the fields below:

    • Title: Rename the Component.
    • Start Expanded: Run DDP options (DDP, Delivery Option, etc.) will be expanded on the page.
    • DDP Label: Rename the DDP list.

Make adjustments to the fields listed above, then click the Save button in the top-right hand corner of the page.


Once saved, you will be presented with the 'Page Saved' notification. Click the Activate button.


Lastly, you will be presented with a list of Page Layouts for the object you are adding the component to. Check-mark all page layouts which you wish to make the component available on and and click Save.


Now that the configuration of the Drawloop Lightning Component is complete, you are ready to generate your first document using the Drawloop Lightning Component!

Generate Documents:

First, we will navigate to the record we would like to generate a document for. As you can see, the Drawloop component is available to us on the right-hand side of the page.  First, we will select the DDP we would like to run.


Depending on your DDP settings, you may see different drop-down options. For our example, we are asked to also select a Contact.


Our DDP also uses Optional Documents, therefore we will pick an additional template to generate with our document package.


Lastly, we will be prompted to select our Delivery Option.


Once we've made all our selections, we can click the 'Run DDP' button to begin the document generation process.


We can now see the progress bar on the component.


Once the process is complete, we will be presented with a link to Download the generated document as defined in our Delivery Option selection above.


Additional Options:

  • Start Over: Clears all selections made. Use this button if you want to run a different DDP.
  • Modify Run: Allows you to update the selections made. Use this button if you want to run the same DDP but change the the Delivery Option, Contact, etc.
  • Re-run DDP: Re-runs the DDP with the original selections made.Use this button if you have made adjustments to the template or DDP and would like to re-run the DDP using the same options originally selected. This is great when testing.

Now its your turn! Navigate to the Salesforce Appexchange and install the latest version of the Nintex Drawloop Document Generation package for access to this great new feature!

To view the official documentation for this feature click here!