Launch Nintex Mobile from a hyperlink and pre-populate authentication fields

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UPDATE: We have deprecated pre-populating of authentication fields using a deep link. This feature has evolved into a design time configuration which is available in  Nintex Mobile Enterprise.


Nintex Mobile is a great way to take your business process with you on the go anywhere; no matter you are online or offline.

To use the app you need to download it from the store and sign in to a specific SharePoint URL using your credentials.

Nintex Mobile iPhone

And if you want to connect to an Office 365 tenancy, you need to first select Office 365 Account and then enter the tenancy URL:

Nintex Mobile iPhone Office 365

While remembering all of the information and instructions for an advanced user is not an issue, most users have to refer to the instructions sent by IT in order to sign in and use the app.

Nintex Mobile 3.0 has a new feature which lets users launch the app and pre-populate authentication information through a hyperlink. Using this fantastic feature users don’t have to remember their authentication type, SharePoint/tenancy URL, or their domain. All they need to do is to click on a link, enter their password and sign in.

This feature makes deployment of Nintex Mobile in organizations much easier for IT.

So let’s see how to create a URL to launch the app…

The URL structure is as follow:


Now lets look at the parameters we can pass to app using the hyperlink.

authtype: The parameter indicates the type of authentication your company supports for Nintex Mobile. Possible values are:

  • sharepoint
  • office365
  • microsoft

url: A string representing the SharePoint URL the user should connect to. If you use Nintex Mobile to connect to an Office 365 tenancy, this represents the tenancy URL to which users should connect to.

Please note that this value must be URL Encoded. To URL encode a URL you can use many free online tools like this one.

domain: This value can be used to prepopulate the Domain field with your active directory domain (this is only supported for sharepoint authentication type).

username: If you want to send a specific link to each user, you can use this field to pre-populate her username (this is only supported for sharepoint authentication type).

*note that all of the fields are optional.

and below is an example of a URL to launch the app and configure it to connect to an on-prem SharePoint:


All you need to do is create a hyperlink in an email, web page, document etc. and point it to this URL.

Nintex Mobile URL Scheme

When the user taps on the link on a device, Ninex Mobile launches and fields are pre-populated as per below:

Nintex Mobile URL Scheme    Nintex Mobile

Also if you need to connect to an Office 365 tenancy you'll need a URL like this:


Opening this URL on a device will launch Nintex Mobile and take user to the Office 365 page:

Nintex Mobile Office 365 URL Scheme

Hope this has been useful for you and don’t forget to provide your feedback for Nintex on


We now support deep linking to a specific form. Dan Stoll has got a great blog post about it.

For parameter descriptions and link examples, see Building Nintex Mobile links in the help.

Community Manager edit: For a related tutorial, please see: Tutorial: Nintex Mobile validation