June Mission - What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow?

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This month, I wanted to throw a question to you. It's about how you'd want to #nintexify your life if you could. You've all seen how Nintex can help with business processes, and making your work life simplier and more efficient, but have you ever wished you could apply the same thing to your life?

For the June mission, I'd love to hear:

"What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow?"

Mine involves wedding planning, not my own but friends. In the first half of this year I was a bridesmaid twice, and being a bridesmaid from the other side of the world has it's difficulties! When it came to choosing a dress, we had three bridesmaids in three different countries, and finding the same bridesmaid dress was a challenge.

We all needed to be on the same page, so there was a lot of back and forth, getting sign off from the bride and bridesmaids on a dress, shoes, jewelery etc and then organising payment, transfers and other tasks and details you didn't know you needed. And I had to do this twice, so I'd have to say this stage of the wedding planning would be ideal for a workflow .  And...having a workflow would help if I happen to be in another wedding!

Let us know what you'd do in the comments below and you'll earn yourself a bonus 200 points!