June Mission - What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow?

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This month, I wanted to throw a question to you. It's about how you'd want to #nintexify your life if you could. You've all seen how Nintex can help with business processes, and making your work life simplier and more efficient, but have you ever wished you could apply the same thing to your life?

For the June mission, I'd love to hear:

"What is something in your life you wish you could turn into a workflow?"

Mine involves wedding planning, not my own but friends. In the first half of this year I was a bridesmaid twice, and being a bridesmaid from the other side of the world has it's difficulties! When it came to choosing a dress, we had three bridesmaids in three different countries, and finding the same bridesmaid dress was a challenge.

We all needed to be on the same page, so there was a lot of back and forth, getting sign off from the bride and bridesmaids on a dress, shoes, jewelery etc and then organising payment, transfers and other tasks and details you didn't know you needed. And I had to do this twice, so I'd have to say this stage of the wedding planning would be ideal for a workflow .  And...having a workflow would help if I happen to be in another wedding!

Let us know what you'd do in the comments below and you'll earn yourself a bonus 200 points!

Automation Master
Automation Master

To play the game, or arrange the tournament?

Connector Crackerjack

​As an Organizer.

Process Pupil

A workflow that would automate dynamically assigning chores to my daughters to keep it fresh. Plus, this way when they complete the wf can easily calculate how much they are to be paid since each may have a different value.

Process Pupil

Based on the other comments above, I'm thinking we may be on to something here with this whole chores automation business...

Nintex Newbie

New dating workflow using live on smartphones:

Little bit of Bluetooth magic to get your date's social media details, troll through all their posts and forward to your friends and family to approve or request info - "what are your intentions towards my daughter?".

Final step on approval is to start a second workflow with a wedding planner.

Forms Fledgling

What about a workflow for students to manage assignments and other tasks like keeping up with readings, complete with reminders and escalation points?

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Workflow for Reminding me to read Books

I would create a list of books I always wanted to read fiction, non-fiction etc. My workflow would keep reminding me to read the book and once I complete it would send me the next in the list. I would have to review the book I complete and it would post it on my social media.

I would do until I run of books in my list.. which I am sure will not happen....

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I need something like that too!

Nintex Newbie

I'm behind a workflow for the kid's chores 100%!!! This really needs to be a thing.

Workflows for home improvement projects would be such a life saver! Keep all the quotes together, projected costs, block off the time, lists of materials...the possibilities are endless!! The largest projects down to the honey-dos all in one place.

Workflow Veteran

I 'd like to have a workflow that sends me reminders on the morning when I get up.

If I have a meeting on a new customer's office

I'd like to have an email with the link to google maps, including address and contact

If I have a meeting on my office

Remember me the room I have reserved.

and also remember me not to forget:


-recommend a coat/umbrella depending on temperature

Automation Master
Automation Master

I would like to have a workflow that shows me activities that can be done with the kids over the weekend. You feed in the Birth date and according to the age group, it tells me what they would like to eat and do activities. May be connect with live services and get amazon gifts that they would love to play with according to the ratings and as per their age group.

You can now guess that i'm a new dad!!!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

My son starts preseason football practice in one month, so I would design a “Football Preseason Workflow”.  This workflow would consist of the following elements:

  • After registering to play, the player and his parents get a welcome email with team information and important dates.
  • The workflow would handle gathering needed details such as birth certificates, doctor’s physical, equipment release, and other paperwork.
  • Players would get a task to pick up their equipment and reminders if they haven’t.
  • Coaches could distribute team playbooks and updates more easily.
  • The workflow would send out notifications and reminders for upcoming practices, events, and games.

After that, it would on to designing a “Football Regular Season” workflow!!

Process Pupil

I like this idea, Eric Rhodes​! I can imagine pretty much every "Rec Dept" in every town and city could use a workflow to handle all of their registrations, schedule building for practices and games, and even tracking payments. Plus, a Nintex Form hosted on Live could be used to collect up all of the parents / child info and securely transfer it into SharePoint without having to scan anything (or lose it for that matter!).

Plus, with a minimal amount of retooling this could be used for almost any community activity; summer camps, picnics, festivals, etc.

I think we may be on to something here...

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Congratulations Exciting times!

Nintex Newbie

What about a babysitting workflow that would kick off automatically if I schedule being out in the evening?

Nintex Newbie

amazing ideas submitted here, hard to find a new one !

Let's see...

1) professionally-wise : I already have a little location-based app on my iPhone which logs an entry to a list when I arrive to work and when I leave (geek-alert!) so it would be a good extension if I could plug a workflow to generate my timesheets, and therefore invoice automatically,

ok but that's not really fun !

2) still a bit work related: hack a Robopet™ - WowWee®​ to do a little dance each time a new item into a list with a workflow behind.