June Mission: Service Request

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The June Mission is your opportunity to show us how you'd build a workflow for the following:


A service team has a SharePoint list where users submit requests that they need to fulfill.  There are currently 5 different types of requests that they can receive and each request type has between 20-30 steps that have to be completed in order to fulfill the request.  The team has been having some difficulty keeping track of the status of each request and knowing whether all of the steps have been completed or not.  This has led to some request falling through the cracks and the users are none to happy about it. 

The current request types are:

  • Inventory
  • Campaign
  • Collections
  • Statements
  • Audit

This is a sample list of steps for an Inventory request.  Each request type will have it's own unique set of steps.

Step #Description
1Create master schedule
2Notify the affected departments
3Purchase supplies
4Clean all areas for counting
5Group like items
6Ensure there are no hazards present
7Mark package quantities
8Count and seal partially packaged items
9Mark items not to be counted
10Label each area to be counted
11Validate all items are identified with part number.
12Update storage area floor plans
13Organize couing teams
14Distribute written instructions
15Conduct physical counting
16Conduct 2nd physical counting
17Compare results for accuracy
18Turn in count sheets
19Reconcile counts with the system
20Turn in final inventory results.



The manager of the service team would like there to be an automated way that when they receive a new request, the system would create the correct steps for that request type that need to be completed.  Then as the steps are completed the system would update the overall status of the request so that they could look at any request and know how many steps are remaining.  The manager wants to track all of this in SharePoint.

Using SharePoint lists and Nintex workflows, design a process that will create the steps for each request type, and then track the status of each request as the steps are completed.  The solution also needs to account for the fact that a new request type could be created in the future, with it's own set of steps, and the manager would want to be able to add it without having to modify the workflow each time.

The team is currently using SharePoint on premise with Nintex Workflow, but they may be moving to O365 in the future.  So you can design a solution either for SharePoint/Nintex on-premise, or for O365. 

Your mission:

To receive the points, build your solution and click here to create a document in the Nintex Gallery about your solution, detailing exactly how you would solve this issue.  Post a link to your solution below below to earn 400 points and the June "Request Quest" badge!

We look forward to your solutions!

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Here is my solution:  


Thanks Brendan Murphy‌ for the great mission.  Here is my attempt at it -


You really went all out.  I like it!


Here is my solution. Thanks for the mission: Brendan Murphy


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Christophe Raucq‌, I think you left off the link, so I've added it to your comment. Hope that's ok.


My solution:  


Woo finally got round to it... 

Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert
Nintex Workflow Cloud Expert

Great mission... always up for honing those workflow skills



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Hi, Everyone!

I've manually rewarded the points for this mission! If you don't find it in your reputation center, let me know.

Many thanks to ‌ for creating this mission! I think the response was great.

If any of you who contributed feel that your solution is blog-worthy, let me know.

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It appears that despite manually awarding the mission yesterday, it's not showing up in the reputation center for some of you. For example here is an image showing that it was awarded yesterday to Giacomo:


Yet, it doesn't appear for him.  I'm going to have to open a ticket with Jive to get to the bottom of it.

If you don't see your badge, my apologies. We'll get it straightened out.


Hi Frank,

just to know, is there any update about this issue?



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Apparently, I have a bug. I awarded an expired mission, and some people received it and some didn't. I'm on vacation, but will either have a resolution by Monday or I'll create a new mission with the same badge/points and award that one.

But hit me up next week if you don't see something change.  Thanks for hanging with me!