Introduction to Nintex Customer Central

Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert
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Welcome to Nintex! As a Nintex customer and user, we want you to know that one of our biggest goals is to make sure you are successful by being there for you when you need help. When it comes to solving process problems, locating technical answers, advancing your skills with training, as well as connecting with peers and experts out there in the community of Nintex, we do provide multiple resources to help you in these areas, but to provide you with a centralized support experience for connecting with Nintex, we have implemented Nintex Customer Central. The following video series from the Nintex Learning team will provide guidance on how to engage with Nintex in various aspects related to managing your environments and accounts using Nintex Customer Central.



Accessing Customer Central and Dashboard

To access the site, you can go to directly into your browser, or set it as a favorite if you’d like.




When it comes to helping you analyze and forecast your current and future entitlement needs, the section named Usage in Nintex Customer Central is helpful for those with Nintex subscription licenses or DocGen licenses.



Product Releases

When you need to get information about current and past product releases, Customer Central provides you with the product releases area.


Managing Support Cases

As with anything related to technology, you may reach a point where you require additional assistance from a support engineer to help you solve a problem or answer a question. Remember you can always create a case quickly by clicking on the Create Case button from the Nintex Customer Central dashboard.



Managing Company Information

At some point in time, you may have a need to manage and change information Nintex has about your organization. Maintaining this information in Nintex Customer Central is made easy in the Company Profile area, the contacts area, and the partners area respectively.