How to use Single-reviewer Templates

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{Template 2} Email Approval shows how to add an approval process to {Template 1} My First Workflow. This could be a sales response scenario where a seller requests that an email be sent to a potential customer with their customized introduction. The email requires approval as it may include detailed specifications or discount offers that are only offered to select customers. 

A similar manual approval process would tend to be inconsistent as each request and reply would be handled in a slightly different manner. This can result in lost time, missed opportunities and false starts.

With an automated system based on this template, you can create a consistent process where each request for information is met with a best practice response. From here you can add a couple actions and connectors to create a quick prototype of almost any forms-based approval process.

The Basic Workflow

This workflow supports an online “Request to send information” by collecting a recipient email address and message, as well as a reviewer’s email address. If the reviewer approves, the workflow sends the message to the recipient.

  1. Starts when the user fills in an online form and clicks Submit
    1. Recipient email
    2. Recipient message
    3. Reviewer email
  2. Sends a pre-formatted email to the reviewer asking for approval or rejection.
  3. If approved, sends the message to the recipient
  4. If rejected, sends the reviewer an email
  5. The workflow ends

Quick-start with {Template 2} Email Approval

  1. Open {Template 2} Email Approval from the Dashboard
  2. Select Publish and copy the URL for the form
  3. Test your workflow:
    1. Enter a message and two email addresses in the form and click Submit
    2. Reply to the Request for approval to send a message… email with Approve or Reject
      Verify that you received the correct email response to your reply
  4. Repeat the process and select the alternative response

For detailed instructions on configuring and publishing your workflow follow this guide in the product documentation.

Other Single-reviewer Workflow Templates

The following Workflow templates are available from Nintex Xchange:

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