How to set up barcode scanning in the Nintex Mobile App

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With the latest release of Nintex Mobile Apps (April 2015) barcode scanning is now available.

  1. To enable barcode scanning in your mobile form, you'll need to use the Single line of textbox control.
  2. In the Enable barcode scanning field, select Yes.
  3. Open your form in the Nintex Mobile App, and tap the barcode icon to activate the camera function.
  4. Scan

You'll find the supported barcode formats here.

The blog post Nintex Mobile: Showing off it's Assets gives some more info.

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Nintex Newbie

Hello all,

It seems that you cannot validate a field once barcode scanning is enabled. Is that really so?

When I set a validation with regex to a "normal" field it would work, but when I enable barcode scanning - it woudn't. What if the user scans the wrong barcode?