How to Import Excel in to SharePoint 2013 List using Nintex workflow

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To import Excel sheet into SharePoint list , We can use Query Excel Services Action with Collection operation . 

Requirements : 

1. Excel file has "No" Null columns.

2. SharePoint List

3. Controls : Set Variable, Query Excel Services, For Each, Collection operation, Create item.

Step 1 :

Set Variable of Max Row needs to be imported.

 step 2: 

Use Query Excel Services Control as below 


Use credentials to login to site , Workbook path should be an absolute path with sheet name 

Cells to retrieve is from and to rows  store in collection variable.

step 3: For each loop with run if and collection operation and create item 

Foreach :

Target collection is Unique Column , Get the items and store in item till max number of rows (Index)


Run  the section if it is not empty


Get the column collection and get the items and store in variable 

At last create an Item using Create Item operation :

Finally upload the Excel with out any empty columns ( in case null fill " -" or something) and run the workflow . 

you will get the result in the list as follows