How to: Connect your On-Prem SharePoint environment to Nintex Hawkeye

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Over the past few weeks I've had the question come up and whilst not a complicated process and there is information available in the Help . I thought I'd quickly put together a blog post that goes through the process of connecting your On-Prem SharePoint environment up to Nintex Hawkeye for the first time.

This post assumes you already have your Nintex Hawkeye tenant provisioned, whether that is a trial or part of your subscription. If you need to get a trial head to Try Nintex for 30 Days - Free! 

  1. Firstly log into Nintex Hawkeye and navigate to the "Nintex data sources". 
    1. Select "Add Nintex data source" - My this post I'm going to add a SharePoint 2013 source
  2. Download the installer package and if you aren't on the SharePoint server, copy it there. The installer needs to be installed on it. 
  3. Extract the Zip file. in there will be 3 files. 
    1. Deployment Guide
    2. Uninstall Script
    3. Executable
  4. Run the executable (Note, if you already have the Nintex Hawkeye collector installed, you can just run the installer and it will update the already installed version. 
  5. The installer will ask for your token and discovery url. You only should need to provide the token. This token needs to be copied form the Nintex Hawkeye Portal (as you can see above)
  6. Once filled in, select next. It will prompt for an IIS reset, which you can choose to do then or later. 
  7. Assuming you let it reset IIS, it will then finish off the installer and open Central admin
  8. Click on the "Nintex Hawkeye Management" link in the menu 
  9. Click Manage database and on the Manage Database page, specify the required database settings, and click Create.
  10. In Central Administration, click "Application Management", and then "Manage services" on server under "Service Applications".In the Services column, locate the "Nintex Hawkeye Service", and click Start.

  11. In Nintex Hawkeye, click Nintex data sources on the navigation bar. You should now see your environment being displayed with a "Authorize" button. Click the Authorize button to connect the data source.

  12. Activate on the Web apps you wish to collect data from. This particular feature is to activate the Nintex Hawkeye Beacons that allow you to collect specific data within your process. But we will talk about that in a whole other post. 
  13. In Central Administration, select System Settings, Manage Farm Features. Locate the Nintex Hawkeye feature and click Activate.

  14. Lastly, activate the "Nintex Hawkeye custom workflow actions" This needs to be done on the relevant web apps. Reference this link for instructions

And that's it. In your Nintex Hawkeye tenant now if you take a look at the "Activity Log" in the top menu you will see the status of the  data import

You are now ready to start creating your Lenses. But we will leave that for another post.. 

If you haven't already signed up for the webinar on Wednesday, June 14 10:00– 10: 45 am PST  that will go into a little more detail, head to Become a Nintex Ninja 

Until next time