How I Connect: Learning Through Sharing

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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I come to the Nintex Community on a regular basis because I want to stay on top of new features.  For me, this translates into experience in what I am doing in my current job because I am learning through other's examples and feedback. I also try to leave my insight for the next user with the hopes that they will learn something through my experiences. 


This happened just the other day with the May Mission - Quick Top Tip!  I was looking over all of the great tips and tricks that other users have and while most of these are "common sense", many of them I never really took the time to practice. One in particular is to slow down and think of a plan before diving into development. Again, this makes complete sense, but how many times do we get super excited with a new project and think of all the cool things Nintex can provide for us, and then just jump right into the canvas and start dragging in actions! We have all done it, but slow down. Take a moment. Think about the process and where it is and where it needs to go.


I added to this by saying replace what you have. In terms of a process, form, or whatever you are looking to do, first step is simply replace currently functionality. This "conversion to Nintex" will naturally show you and your users areas of improvement without changing anything! From there, you can begin to add in enhancements and make "upgrades". I recommend this because too often we overlook all the work that was done previously to get the process or form to the state that it is in today. You would be surprised how much you can learn; perhaps it provides some insight on how previous developers tackled an issue or created custom functions/services to do something. All of these points of functionality can be used to your advantage, but if you rush in and just start developing, you will overlook them and possibly run into the same problems!


I share these experiences and thoughts because I think that we are all in this together; we are a community. We are here to connect and to learn. If I can save someone out there hours of frustration by writing a blog about what I did and how I overcame something, it is a win. I want to inspire others to do the same because you never know who it will help. You never know, someone may come back and give you feedback on a better way to do something! The learning never ends if we keep connecting and pushing each other.