Honor Roll: June 2017

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You may recall that last month we started a new way of connecting you to the people who make noteworthy contributions to the community - an honor roll.  The best way to really get a sense of their contributions is to "follow" these community leaders!


Each month, I'm naming 10 people to an honor roll, and asking you to visit their profile and then "follow" them to spark connections.  This month, I wanted to highlight a special group of members: the Nintex Product Managers!


That's more than 10, but without all of them, we wouldn't have our workflow platform and products.  So, they're all in!

I want you, dear community member, to visit each of their profiles and click "follow," which is just to the right of their smiling profile photo.  See, Euan Gamble‌'s profile example:


Why do this?  Because it connects you, the people who use Nintex, to the people who make Nintex!  Following the product managers puts their community activity in the news stream of your choosing and exposes you to what they're doing in the community.  You'll be on top of it when they blog or update product release notes, for example..  It's a great way to enrich your community experience!


This month's Honor Roll members:

honorrollHonor Roll

Dan Barker‌ (Nintex Workflow Cloud)

John Corry‌ (Nintex Moble/App Studio)

Rick De Marco‌ (Document Generation)

David Fitzpatrick‌  (Nintex Workflow Cloud)

Euan Gamble‌ (Nintex Forms)

Roanna Gunaratnam‌ (Workflow Actions)

Jon Hardy‌ (Workflow for SharePoint and O365)

TJ Ramadoss‌  (Assoc. Product Manager)

Sam Sysum‌ (Drawloop)

Joshua Tan‌ (Nintex Workflow Cloud)

George Tsigounis‌ (Nintex Hawkeye)

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Honor Roll members will get this badge in their reputation center, along with 100 points.

If you'd like to nominate someone for the honor roll next month, post their name below and tell us why you think they should have a bigger following!

Ribbon Ruler

Congratulations to everyone in the roll!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi ‌,

once you already named all of them, would it be possible to list as well products they are responsible for?

it's not always obvious from their profiles.

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Good point. I've edited the chart above. I'm sure if I've made a mistake someone will help me clear it up. 🙂

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Can we get bumper stickers made saying "I made the Nintex  Honor Roll"?

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OMG, that's hilarious. I will see if I can do that!

Process Pupil

Oddly enough, we could only get budget for Honor Roll tattoos...