Get more out of your document generation: Document conversion (Word > PDF)

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I was wondering if I could turn the document generation functionality into document conversion (Word > PDF), and guess what, it can be done!

The most important ingredient is what I call 'dynamic templates'. This is possible because the templates used by the Nintex document generation action, only need to be available at build and run time (of the document generation action). Nothing is stopping you to change the template in the mean time

The solution presented in this blog post consists of three parts:

1. Initialization.

2. Making sure that the previous document in the library is converted before proceeding.

3. Converting the document.

I created two libraries: INPUT and OUTPUT. To the input library, I added the workflow presented above and a status column. I used the output library in the document generation action.

Now throw in some Word documents and wait until the output library is filled with related pdf files.

I have one tip: Add a file before publishing the workflow, and set its status on 'Converted'.

The workflow (SharePoint 2016) is added as attachment for your reference.

What I have presented in this blog post is not meant as a ready to use production solution, but as an idea how you can get more out of document generation.

Happy Nintexing!


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