Extraordinary Things

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I must have one of the best jobs ever!

Could this be due to the fact that:

·        I am daily changing the lives of others?

·        I am able to build whatever solution I can think of?

·        I have absolute confidence in what I promise and will deliver?

·        I facilitate change?

·        I can do all this in the comfort of my home?


I am armed with one of the best development tools I have ever came across.

K2 is a game changer, every time. I often get asked the question – what is K2 and what can we do with it? I find it difficult to put K2 in a box, since great things are not easily boxed. My response to this question is often, whatever you want - I can create with K2.

It is not an HR Tool or a Purchasing Toolset etc., but could be all of that and hence my personal motto:

If you can think it, you can build it with K2.

After walking the change journey with a few corporates now, I immediately recognize the reaction that I get next – you must be kidding me!

The rewarding part of these journeys are, when the switch is flipped and the audience recognizes the benefits, you have to brace yourself for "the tsunami of solutions requested" that follows. Be careful what you ask for.

Having started my recent corporate engagement, this moment arrived 2 weeks into our journey and I find myself in the midst of a change revolution.

I feel truly blessed to be part of their journey.

The most important aspect of change projects is that the participant want to feel empowered and own their change and K2 allows them to experience what they imagine in no time.

Imagine having a single dashboard that reflects the commitments across your entire organisation – an end goal with every piece of the puzzle in tune with their involvement.

More often I find situations where we replace islands of solutions with a framework that connects every aspect of the organisation.

K2 is not there to replace every product already on the shelves, but rather assist in creating solutions that embraces your broader vision and grows with your organisation in an agile fashion without breaking the bank in the process.

Take the following example:

“I want to rollout a business strategy and measure this as part of the review and development cycles of my employees and change lanes based on any challenges presented to me.”

I was recently presented with this challenge and K2 allowed me to create a 360 review process where the Strategy and its Objectives were pushed out to the workforce - linked to Payroll/HR and the execution and reporting will be managed through K2 across the organisation. This was less than a week of development time – not bad as it becomes another example of how K2 constantly pays for itself.

The involvement is rewarding and you evolve into a facilitator of value-add and culture change.

Great to have K2 in my Team!

My favorite quote:

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.
“Neil Geshenfeld”