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This works with on-prem Nintex Workflow 2013

Problem:  Upon archiving a document I use workflow to update the date/time field of when the archive happened.  When user wants to un-archive the document, I need to clear the date field to display as empty (or null).


  1. Create variable vDateArchivedDate as Date and Time with blank default date
  2. Use Convert value action input "1/1/0001" and store in variable vDateArchivedDate
  3. Use Set field value to update the date column with workflow data > vDateArchivedDate
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Nintex Employee

Thanks Cassy. Just tried this out and it works great. Definitely adding this one to my bag of tricks!

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Thanks Cassy. I wanted to add that this works with the "Update item" action, but does not work with the "Update multiple item" action.  I am unable to find any workaround for the "Update multiple items" action to set a null date.

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That is great!

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Is there a working solution for this yet in Nintex O365?