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Good day,


It's my first Blog here. 


I will show you a Nintex "Feedback" form where I will add a panel to use it as a progress bar. The form contains a set of questions (Choice controls). I will use the following techniques in order to accomplish what I need:


2-Bootsrap font (glyphicons-halflings-regular)


Step 1: Let's create the form containing the following.

   a-A random number of choices with the below settings:

 b-A panel (Our progress bar) with the below settings:

Step 2: Download the glyphicons-halflings-regular font with the (.woff .woff2 .eot .svg .ttf) extensions:

Step 3: Add the following JavaScript file (I named it "progressive.js") with the below code to the "Site Assets" library:

Step 4: Add the following CSS file (I named it "progressive.css") with the below code to the "Site Assets" library:

Step 5: Let's add references to the files in our form:

Step 6: The "Site Assests" Library will look like:

Step 7: My form will look like :

Attached you can find all the needed files. Extract and copy them as they are to the Site Assets library.
Don't hesitate to ask for any clarification.

Enjoy the power of Nintex!!!

Let's make the world better .

Nintex Newbie

Nintex Newbie

Congratulations on your first blog Philip.

Very good post indeed 

Nintex Newbie

Great job, Philip!

Design Dabbler

Philip Warrak

This is excellent, will be using this for sure

Nintex Newbie

Love this! Nice work!