Drawloop Document Generation Releases Setup Wizard to Assist with New Installations

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Most Salesforce users ask themselves three very important questions when evaluating an app:

  1. Will this fulfill my business need?
  2. Is it affordable?
  3. Is it easy to get started?

Inevitably, whether the last question is considered during the evaluation process or not; installation, configuration, and running the app for the first time will always be the first steps new customers encounter. With Drawloop Document Generation, installation and setup has always been fast but with the recent release of v10.0, going from installation to generating your first document isn't just easier, it's been reduced to just minutes.

The highlight of the v10 release is the Setup Wizard. This new feature not only cuts the time it takes to install and configure the app, it also provides new users with the opportunity to generate their first document at the very last step in the wizard.

Let’s take a look...

Getting Started

With a new installation of the app, whether you click DDP Admin or the DDPs tab you'll be presented with the Setup Wizard. At this point, you can click the 'Skip Wizard' button to bypass the wizard completely or click 'Start Wizard' to begin the setup process.



Once you click the 'Start Wizard' button you will first be prompted to choose your Edition. If you are currently trialing the product you will see 'Your subscription is a trial' at the top of the page, otherwise your license is active and will not see this note. You have the option of selecting Business or Standard level license. You can also add additional features such as Scheduled DDPs, Workflow DDPs, Component Library, and Mass DDPs. Select the edition you would like then click the 'Save & Next' button.



In this step you will be able to add Users to your license. In the top right hand corner you will see the total numbers of seats available to you and how many are being used. In our example we have a total of 5 seats and 2 are currently in use. To add new users first navigate to the Profile column and select the users specific profile or select 'All Users'. Next, locate the users name under the Available Users list, then click the 'Add Admin' or 'Add User' button. Once you have added your users, go ahead and click the 'Save & Next' button.



This step will set the User who clicks the 'Authorize Drawloop Document Generation' button as the integration user. What does this mean? It means any Scheduled DDPs will run with this user set as the running user. If you are using Mass DDPs, this user will receive email notifications on the status of each batch run. Also, if you have a DDP with an Insert-Update using the 'Run as Admin' option selected this person will be used. We highly recommend a User with the System Administrator profile clicks the 'Authorize Drawloop Document Generation' button. Once this button is clicked a pop-up window will appear, click the 'Allow' button.



This step will allow you to setup the following third-party integrations: Box, DDP API, DocuSign, e-SignLive, Lob, and Office 365. To do this, first select the service under the 'Add Service' drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear for you to add additional information regarding your third-party account. Once completed, you will see the third-party application appear on the service list.



In this step you can enable Connected Apps by clicking the 'Enable' button. Why would you enable this feature? The most common reason is if the System Admin will be logging in as other users to test a DDP that is pull data from a Salesforce report. In this step you can also set the remote site to allow for our Mass DDPs via Report feature. To do this, click the 'Configure' button. A new screen will appear with the Remote Site information. Click the 'Save' button.


Sample DDPs

This next step will allow you to select Sample DDPs to assist you in getting started. Click the + symbol to expand the list of templates. You will see a list of DDP names, the intended persona, the object the DDP will run from, and the type of document file. Check-mark the DDPs you wish to install then click the 'Save & Next' button.


Basic Buttons

Now that you have selected a few samples DDPs you will now need to include a button on the page layouts to trigger the document generation process. You will be presented with a list of standard objects. Click the + symbol to expand the list of page layouts for these objects. Check-mark the page layouts you would like to include the 'Run DDP' button on. If you would like to create a button for a custom object, navigate to the bottom of the page, select the object from the Custom Object drop-down menu, and then click the blue 'Add button to selected object' link. Lastly, click the 'Save & Complete' button.



Congratulations! You have now completed the Setup Wizard and are ready to generate your first document. Under the Run Sample DDPs section of this page you will see a record you can run your first DDP from. Click the name of the record to open it, then click the Run DDP button you added to the page layout in the Basic Buttons step.