December Mission: A Gift Exchange ("Points for Posts")

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December Mission: A Gift Exchange (of sorts)


In the spirit of giving, I'd would like to propose an exchange for your December Mission.  And you get the gift.  Here's how it works:

  • Post a comment below that includes a link to three different posts in the community.
  • Explain why you like each post or why you think each one is valuable.
  • Tag one person in your post calling her/him out for the contribution to the Community.

You get 100 points for each of the three steps above.  That way, even if you can only think of one link, you'll still earn some points.

You can choose blog posts, questions, documents, discussions or polls - doesn't matter.  You just need to find them valuable in some way. Whether it's a comment that answered your question, a blog post or document you found helpful, or a poll you enjoyed taking, post a link to it and tell everyone why you think it's valuable. Don't feel compelled to write a novel, a sentence or two is fine.


Here's a little help:  Go up to the upper-right corner of the screen and perform a search to find the content you're looking for.

You might also find a thread in which you commented in your Inbox.

Once you find what you want to share, copy the URL and share it in your comment. Or use the method for tagging someone.

Tagging someone is easy, too.  Just type "@" and the name of the community member in your comment window.

A box will pop up that looks similar to this:


You'll get a list of "people," and the option to click "Show 5 more" if the person you want doesn't appear right away.  You'll also get a list of "CONTENT," and an option to "Show 5 more" if that doesn't turn up what you expected.

Don't give up if the first search doesn't work, try a few phrases for content, or mashups of a person's name. For example Bob Smith might be found by using "bsmith" because his email contains that phrase.


And since I'm in a gift-giving mood... If you do all three (3 links, explain the value and tag a person), I'll tack on an extra 200 points, for a grand total of 500 points for this month's mission.  Nobody will ever accuse me of being a "points scrooge!"

That's it!

Remember, this is your last chance to earn points for 2015 as we plan to start afresh in 2016 (which we also did this year).

And many thanks to those who took part in the November Mission: Let's Hangout​!  I appreciated the email and comments from those of you who watched the "Nintex Hangout - Live with Eric Harris," whether live or after the fact.  I know Eric Harris​ will be doing more!

Congrats to the following people who got 200 points per hangout! I've updated your point totals.  (If I missed you, remember to send me an email with the little password you heard about in the hangout and I'll update your points):

Fernando Hunth

Christophe Raucq

Manfred Lauer

Mark Peacock

Garry Morera

Mike M

Chris Ben

Eric Rhodes

Andrew Glasser

I look forward to seeing the posts you found the most valuable this year!



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Automation Master
Automation Master

This is an easy mission to complete because I have all my favourite posts bookmarked.  So in no particular order:

The "Designing Defensive Workflows" series of posts by Aaron Labiosa​ is a must read best practice guide for how to design workflows so they are maintainable and won't take down your SharePoint server.  There are four articles in this series.  The link I've posted is to article #1.

Then we have a commonly asked question about tabbed forms by Jeremy Jaya Raj.  Here's the answer.  NB this will be eventually superseded when Nintex release a tabbed form control but if you want to do it now...

Finally Dan Stoll​ has written a really good post about displaying task history in the form.  Brilliant for people who see who has approved what and when and they don't need to click on the workflow history links.  Check out some of Stolly's other posts too.  He must be given top marks for subject names.  I mean, he's managed to name posts along the lines of "Dude you're so deep", "Vegemite" and "Pimp my form".  That's gold!

My shout-out for 2015 without a doubt goes to Andrew Glasser​.  I don't know how much time he spends on this site but he seems to have responded to every single question posted with really valuable answers.



Automation Master
Automation Master

I wanted to say the same thing Chris, bookmarks it is!

Reviewing Cascading Drop Down – With Nintex Form in O365​ was exciting to see as a community member wanted post their experience with O365. Cascading drop downs are a very common use case and O365 is a favorite of mine. Posts like these are best as we can learn from others experiences.

Defensive Workflow Design Part 1 - Workflow History Lists​ is definitely the best series for all workflow designers. But Chris beat me to it.

NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release​ , Powershell is the most important tool for anyone working with SharePoint. This is a must have action for admins.

For my last Using State Machine Workflows​ is a process technique that must be known to take make complex workflows seem simple.

I'm all for shout-outs, so props to Eric Harris​. A community regular, then vTE, and now Technology Partner Evangelist! Can we say, drinking the Kool Aid? or eating biscuit sticks, and pancakes, and bacon, and Wednesday ice cream cart...i'm hungry.

Workflow Hero

Another awesome way to get some points, but I don't think I'm gonna make it to get that Delorean....but here goes.

So my link to three different post are here for people to see and use as they end the year with the bang:

  1. TheDUCERIMProcessForm.pdf - I put this one on here to remind people to start off simple before getting complicated.  Workflows tend to complicate themselves because they can, but often times the simplest automation is the best.
  2. Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK weekly update - 21st September 2015 - I like this one because it dealt with the SDK and I've used it to guide so many developers to building out custom actions.
  3. Tech Blog - This is a blog spot that I think is great because its a content place where many people can come to find updates, news and more on Nintex products. Oh Yeah!!!

As for shout outs, I have to give a great shot out to Andrew Glasser​, Fernando Hunth​, Mike MAaron Labiosa​, and Frank Field​ for helping keep the community stay strong.  And to all the other COMMUNITY MEMBERS Much thanks for helping make this the best community every.

Nintex Newbie

My favorite posts this year have been...

  1. Workflow Analyzer - Stable - Its a really simple way to quickly analyze workflows you are not familiar with. Also, more tools for Nintex Workflow is always great.
  2. Nintex Forms Enterprise - SQL Request Control - because we have been waiting so long for this feature
  3. The Nintex Learning Center - A great starting point for those new to Nintex Workflow (and Forms)

Honorable mentions to NTX PowerShell Action - Initial Beta Release - I did not put it in my top 3 only because it has already been mentioned.

Shout-outs to Frank Field​ for the community support, Aaron Labiosa​ for the PowerShell action and the Workflow Anaylzer, and Patrick Hosch​ for the awesome technical partner roundtables.

Nintex Newbie
  1. How to create a formatted Help dialog for a Nintex Form - by Manfred Lauer, simple but effective and really helped me out when trying to build a complex form.
  2. How to execute a REST API request with Nintex Workflow - by Caroline Jung, great explanation of how to do this.
  3. Starting a Workflow (On Premises) - by Vadim Tabakman, got me looking at the api and how it can be used.

I'd like to say special thanks to Vadim Tabakman​ for his contributions in the community and also his blog Home - Vadim Tabakman which has really helped me this year while I've been learning Nintex. Also thanks to Andrew Glasser​ for his contributions.

Connector Crackerjack

It is very difficult to be limited to three links, but here they are:

  1. Thanks to Caroline Jung​ for detailed explanation of How to execute a REST API request with Nintex Workflow​.
  2. Very helpfull is the geat tool Workflow Analyzer - Stable from Aaron Labiosa.
  3. Chris Benhas explained very well Flexi Task in Do you really know the Flexi task?

A great help for me are blog posts from Vadim Tabakman​ on site Home - Vadim Tabakman .

Automation Master
Automation Master

There is no many great content that really help !

1. I discovered a great tip that I often use thanks to Anthony Sopkow : Re: Using Nintex Form Runtime Lookup Function to populate a textbox

2. I learned how the workflow execution works thanks to this blog Defensive Workflow Design Part 4 - Slow Down and Speed Up from Aaron Labiosa

3. There are great tips that I found in this blog How to design a Multi-Step form with Nintex Forms for Office 365  from Cellou Diallo

I wanted to thanks Eric Harris for his help and contribution to the community and also to the vTEs .

Nintex Newbie

All of the content is a huge help. Even postings that don't directly apply to me at the time help me to think about new ways to use Nintex. However, I had three postings that helped me with major pain points, so my top three are:

1.  Formatting email notifications can be tricky andFormatting Nintex email notifications helped me - thanks to Jim Garner for including the html table start and end.

2. Designing your Workflow - Commit Pending Changes Action NW2010 & NW2013 helped me understand when to use Commit Pending Changes - thanks to Emily Billing.

3. I keep going back to How to design a workflow that cycles through all the items in a list - without calling a web service for the solution provided by Barry Anderson on the three actions to create the loop for reviewing each item in a list.

Additional thanks to Barry Anderson for his help resolving a couple of issues I had.

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Glad to hear my info helped! Thanks for the kudos!

Nintex Newbie

Lots of decent content and advice within the community, it's difficult to choose three which stand out.  Here are three posts that have helped me in the past.

1.  Defensive Workflow Design Part 1 - Workflow History Lists

2.  Create Parent/Child items using this Nintex forms/workflow with this trick

3.  Validation Around Hidden Elements

I've also got to give a shout out to Vadim Tabakman​ for his guides.

Nintex Newbie

Among all the usefull contents :

1- Validation Around Hidden Elements  that I found just before becoming crazy when I started using Forms

2-  Dictionary Part 2 - Query XML results into a Dictionary give access to XML power even for beginners

3- And It's here... Nintex Document Generation  : how happy I was reading this..... (at last)

And a special thank to Vadim Tabakman​ for guides and UDA on many subjects : just add "Vadim" as keyword in google with your question on Nintex and you've got the solution !

Automation Master
Automation Master

Here are few from all the great content this community shares:

1. When i started with forms, Vadim Tabakman​'s blog and his blog site were really helpful getting upto speed. Show all Tab Pages

2. Pretty useful feature from Aaron Labiosa , NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release  which helped in running lot of powershell scripts directly from the workflows.

3. Advanced features of repeating tables in forms was great tip for everyone. Among all this was really helpful from Manfred Lauer​ - Repeating section as html table in mail

All have been great contributions and a very "Live" community

Automation Master
Automation Master

So much to like here in the community and so little time to type this post but here goes:

Who doesn't like to be able to tinker with code and have the ability to extend the product whenever necessary.  Allowing us to write JavaScript in our forms is by far one of the coolest features:

JavaScript events in Nintex Forms

Because we partnered with Nintex to bring the Web Request Control functionality making it available to you:

Nintex Forms Enterprise - Web Request Control

And again because we partnered with Nintex to bring the SQL Control available to all of you - how cool is that?

Nintex Forms Enterprise - SQL Request Control

Although I could go hoarse from shouting out all the deserved praise, I have to say thanks to Frank Field​ for doing such a wonderful job along with Eric Harris​ on this community site.  I'd also like to give a shout out to all of the TE and vTE that make this place great.

Cloud Wanderer

1. I think Cellou Diallo​ did a great job in Nintex Forms O365 - Getting SharePoint ClientContext Do's and Dont's which saved me lots of time getting a rest service call to work from within the Nintex Form for o365 recently.

2. Another one of the recent client request i had was to find a way to print form using Nintex Form for O365. Print custom Form Data from O365 right from the Form? Yes you can with JavaScript and HTML and Best Print Option in Nintex Forms Office 365 helped me understand what can be done and what cant be done. However this It's here... Nintex Document Generation news came just in time . Shoutouts to Dan Stoll, david beayon​ and Badal Ratra and @SeanFiene

3.This Tech Blog explained everything i need to know about LazyApproval in the cloud!

A big thanks to Frank Field​ and Eric Harris  for keeping this community site running.

And last but not least, all community members @Everyone deserve a shoutout as without you guys there won't be a community!

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My three posts in no particular order:

1) The Nintex Learning Center

Good stuff to learn about Nintex and test your skills. Recently passed my Nintex Workflow Pro exam

2) How to execute a REST API request with Nintex Workflow

I recently started using REST api's more and more, and seeing this article should open up even more possibilites with Nintex

3) It's here... Nintex Document Generation

Great new feature that should be exciting to use.

Thanks to Frank Field for the community support and Jeremiah Powers for always trying to help out!

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This thread will make me like Oprah: "500 points for you! And 500 points for you! And 500 points for you! And you! And you! And you!"

Maybe I'll do them just before the holiday so people can enjoy their bump in points before we zero out on 1/1.

Automation Master
Automation Master

I had a very good time this year in this community. I enjoyed all monthly missions and I have learned a lot from you guys. Thanks a lot.

But I have one regret, Emily Billing​ left (by plane) this great community and all your comments in this So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen... explained that I am not the only one that were sad about this decision but life is continuing and fortunately for us, Frank Field​ came to the rescue to fill the gap.


As I was involved in monthly missions, I would like to point out this one from April.

Caroline Jung​ was delighted to present An Expense App with Nintex

And because I was developing in Nintex on Premise in 2014 and in O365 in 2015, I was so happy to learn that Collections in Office 365 was released. Thanks Vadim Tabakman​.

I really hope that 2016 will be so exciting.

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Hi everyone,

This community has really helped me a lot. These are few posts which really made my life easier:

          This post by Pamela Denchfield​ really helped me to understand the limits of SharePoint and of Nintex Workflows.

          No need to explain this this one. This wonderful tool by Aaron Labiosa​ is just amazing.

          Once again it was Aaron Labiosa​ whose post helped me to understand the workflow design and optimization.

I would also like to thank Vadim Tabakman​ for his post on regular expressions Regular Expressions in Nintex Workflow .

Thanks a lot Frank Fieldand Eric Harris for helping out all of us on this community.

Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year to all. 🙂

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Nice one Frank Field​.

Nintex Newbie

Hey to all,

My favourite posts areWorkflow Analyzer - Stable from Aaron Labiosa​. Thanks for that great and helpful tool.

My second favourite post from Emily Billing​. Thanks for knowing you and you helped us during the first year of the community very often.

The last post, and i think the most important post Who creates forms and workflows in your organization? from  Ronda Palmer​. Thanks for kicking off this discussion of Governance.

In this way i will say "Thank you" to all #nintex employees. They make us the life much easier to develope workflows and forms (and mobile) solutions in the SharePoint Business...

Merry x-max and a happy new year to all.

Thanks a lot also to Patrick Hosch, Ricardo Wladymir and every other nintex employees.

Cheers Christof

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

This is definitely an amazing community!  It's great how we are able to help each other out and become better designers and developers.  I am truly thankful for all the knowledge that's shared in this community.

These have been the top posts that helped me out tremendously this year:

  1. The Defensive Workflow Design Part 1 - Workflow History Lists series was an incredible resource for me.  I referenced it several times this year working with clients.  Thanks to Aaron Labiosa​ for this great series.
  2. The NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release action opened up lots of options that I utilized on some of the projects I worked on this year.  I was able to make Nintex Workflow do things I didn't think would be possible.  Once again, thanks to Aaron Labiosa​ for your great work on this action.
  3. Thanks to Jason Blair​ for his post Populating Repeating Section Controls with List Data which started me down a productive path using repeating sections in Nintex Forms.

I appreciate Vadim Tabakman​ and Brad Orluk​ for their contributions and always being available to answer any off the wall questions I throw their way.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and an incredible year in 2016.

Design Dabbler

So hard to pick. The community as a whole is an awesome resource, and more often than not has the answers you need when you need them, so really a shout out to everyone who participates for all the great info you put out there! posted a great article on attachment validation. If I had a nickel for every form that needed to have N number of attachments I'd have a lot of nickels. So Attachment Validation in Nintex Forms was a big help in a pinch and gave me a big head start on a really cool customer solution.

OK, OK, it's not on the community, but it aught to be:  Parsing Repeating Section data using forms and workflow by none other than the inestimable Vadim Tabakman​. This was the launching point for many a cool form solution for my team and I. It was even the genesis for an article of my own....

Aaron Labiosa​ deserves a nod for the best practice reference guide posted a few times on this thread: Defensive Workflow Design Part 1 - Workflow History Lists. With Aaron's expert guidance, you too can be a Nintex Ninja. If more customers read this stuff, I'd have less customers. So maybe I shouldn't link to it! 😉

And although it wasn't exactly what I needed, How to find a users AD account name based on a display name with the Query LDAP action  by Brad Orluk​ gave me a great idea for a problem that had me scratching my head for a while.

Another nod to the Partner team for the launch of their vastly improved Partner portal, to the to Emily Billing​ and Frank Field​ for keeping the community alive and well.

Finally but by no means least, to Brad Orluk​ and Vadim Tabakman​ for answering my questions and not calling human resources!

Happy and healthy holidays to all!

Not applicable

Quite the lovefest here. I'll award points today (12/23/15).  Thanks, everyone for chiming in! This mission was intended to teach ME, actually. I wanted to know what you value as I continue to learn about Nintex products and customers. Your comment are a gift to me. Thank you!

Workflow Veteran

Some contributions like >>>  Workflow Analyzer Version Released  saved me some work hours on some projects, so thanks Aaron Labiosa! I owe you some starbucks.

When I needed some high level solutions, many times I found useful posts and workarounds from  Vadim Tabakman.  He also helped me on some presales activities outside this community site. Only to mention 1 of his tons of posts >>> Numerical and Alpha Field Validation

This year was special for me for having found this great community excellently managed by @Em and Frank Field

I don't want forget to mention our First answerer Andrew Glasser​ and his infinite help with answers, posts, researchs,etc.

And lastly to Eric Harris​ 's incredible hangouts.

Thanks all! And have a great Year.

Workflow Veteran

I added my comments.