Dealing with Cascading Lookups in Nintex Forms

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I recently had a requirement where I had two lookup fields on my Nintex Form where one had to be filtered by the other, and both had to allow multiple selection.

I thought that this was going to be really difficult to implement, and was using all sorts of disconnected controls in order to try and achieve the result, and then I discovered that Nintex Forms just works when you use list column types "Lookup".

Wanted to share with everyone how powerful this was, and hoped it may help with this thread:

So I have the following lists:

Custom List:  luDivisions

Fields:  Title


Custom List:  luBusinessUnits

Fields:  Title, Parent Division

Parent Division = Lookup to luDivisions:Title


Finally I have my main list, where I want to use the Nintex Form to capture data:

Custom List:  Demo Lookups

Fields:  Title, Division(s), Business Unit(s)

Division(s) = Lookup to luDivisions:Title, allow multiple

Business Unit(s) = Lookup to luBusinessUnits:Title, allow multiple


Then in Demo Lookups I customise my form using Nintex Forms designer.

The out of the box form gives me this:


So I want the Business Unit(s) to be filtered by the Division(s) so I double click the control for Business Unit(s) and add the following configuration:


Now when I add a new item, the Business Unit(s) list is dynamic based on the Division(s) list.  Seems so clever yet is so simple!