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I was presented with a problem the other day, and in a short amount of time I had to build a demo that had to take "Orders" from Nintex Mobile and place the orders into a SharePoint list. From there, the order had to be placed into Salesforce.. 

I got a little carried away, and figured I could get away with adding in a few more elements, so Ryan O'Leary‌ helped me out with some Salesforce and Nintex Drawloop‌ love, so not only could I get the order into Salesforce, but I could use Nintex Drawloop to build out the order into a PDF send it off to Docusign for the customers signature.. 

Lost you ?? no.. good ok.. So I decided to go down this path of over engineering  and why not, I had had the perfect use case..  So to spell it out.. this is what I wanted to do.. 

  1. Get Order via Nintex Mobile
  2. Collect in SharePoint
  3. Create order in Salesforce
  4. Generate Order and sent it to Customer 
  5. Get customer to sign order via Docusign
  6. Docusign save document into Box
  7. Nintex Workflow Cloud execute from new doc in Box.
  8. Assigns field tech a task to install new parts that have been ordered and signed for
  9. Create Case in Salesforce for 
  10. Close case once task has been completed.
  11. Move signed order to "Processed" folder in Box

Now what I hadn't been thinking about is how Salesforce is a little more of a complicated beast, and dealing with Salesforce from a Workflow running in Sharepoint wasn't ideal. So I figured I'll bring more Nintex Workflow Cloud to the party.. So lucky for me, a new action had just landed that allowed me to push through a trigger to a Nintex Workflow Cloud start event...

And this is the hero of this post.. 

The "Start workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud" action has now been released for both on-premise workflows and O365, and for customers who have Nintex Workflow Cloud this will allow them to bridge the divide without code.

To get started you create a new workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud, with the start event being "External Start" .

Once you have published, you are presented with a popup and all the information you need to be able to kick this workflow off. This can also be access selecting menu of the workflow in the Nintex Workflow Clouds dashboard.

For the action, all we need for the setup is the swagger URL. Copy this.. Now in the Workflow action in Sharepoint or O365 paste this URL into the space provide and select connect. 

Right before your eyes, the "Start Variables" that the Nintex Workflow Cloud start event needs are presented for configuration. 

Putting this all together; I was able to use Nintex Mobile, paired with SharePoint 2013, Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow, long with Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Drawloop, Docusign and Box.  All up it was around 8 hours effort with some bloody sweat and tears in learning Salesforce  

For the end user however, it is a completely seamless solution, all due to the magic of the "Start workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud" action.. 

Nintex for O365 - How to

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint - How to

Check out this video for the final solution.. 

Video Link : 1346

Until next time... Enjoy  

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

This is awesome. Thanks Dan! I just built this out tonight actually... 🙂