Congrats to Our Community Champions!

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Many thanks to the people who hit the top 25 on our community leaderboard in 2017!

The top members of the leaderboard get there because of their contributions to the community. We reset the points to zero every year and see who bubbles up to the top.  Every few thousand points, you earn a new reputation level, the top one being "Rock Star."

Well, we had FOUR Rock Stars this year!  Congratulations to Marian Hatala‌, Cassy Freeman‌, Tomasz Poszytek‌ and Rhia Wieclawek‌!

The contributions of all our members are valuable because they contribute to what makes this community so great: people coming together to ask questions, find answers and share knowledge. Here are the rest of the top 25:

Fernando Hunth‌, Chris Ben‌, Jesse McHargue‌, Mike Matsako‌, Enrico Knapp‌, Andrew Glasser‌, Ryan Greenaway‌, Paul Crawford‌, Brendan Murphy‌, Giacomo Gelosi‌, Courtney Vargo‌, Lachlan Ainley‌, Eric Harris‌, Dan Barker‌, Sam Sysum‌, Aaron Labiosa‌, Chris Ellis‌, Manfred Lauer‌, Joshua Tan‌, Lakshmi C‌, and Brad Orluk‌.  Their point totals are in the images below.

Following our annual reset of points last January, I set our highest reputation level at a lower level - 20,000 points. It used to be a virtually impossible 80,000 points. My rationale was that I wanted to see how many members would reach the highest level in our community if we only made it a teensy bit more attainable.

Nobody had ever accumulated even 20,000 points, so I thought perhaps we'd have one person. Winding up with four is pretty amazing.

Points are accumulated for the contributions made in the community. From a couple of points for receiving a "like" to a couple dozen or so for receiving an answer marked correct.  The top contributors provided a great deal of value to the community, not to mention personal time, to help mark hundreds of answers in 2017.

It's worth noting that the mix of people says a lot about Nintex Connect. A lot of communities are dominated by one type of member. We have a nice mix of customers, Nintex Partners and Nintex employees in Connect.  And they all contribute to a helpful atmosphere that makes this place great. 

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I hope you'll take the opportunity to make our connections personal by registering for our Nintex xchange conference.

As you may have already noticed, we have reset our points scheme for 2018. You can read about that annual event here.  I'm not going to set a new ladder for 2018 because we're going to have a new way to earn community cred in a new community! You can read more about that here: New Year, Renewed Community‌.

I wish you all a great 2018!