Business Process Management (BPM) vs Business Process Automation (BPA):

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Low Code Automation & Nintex K2 Five Journey By Nintex MVP - Business Process Management (BPM) vs Business Process Automation (BPA):


In simple terms, automation is non other than the utilization of technology to digitize current manual or semi manual business processes. Business Process Management involves the definition, modelling, creating, enhancing and optimizing a process.
Its core involves Business Process Re-Engineering in which business processes are analyzed thoroughly to identify and pinpoint redundancies, unnecessary complexities, contradictions and gaps in an attempt to remodel and make processes more efficient which results in a value addition and a better user experience.

Although, automation may provide value addition via optimizing cost and reducing process turn over time, the expectancy of automation and technology to resolve process related issues is a pitfall that is very common. The true problem lies within the quality of process definition and documentation.

Processes that are poorly defined and documented result in multiple interpretations which result in complexities, lack of standard and governance, gaps and a lack of end user satisfaction during process implementation.

Post ensuring processes are well defined and documented, technology maybe used to automate business processes. There are many automation tools in the market but those that stand out are those with the most out of the box capabilities that can be leveraged by both IT and Non IT users and thus Citizen Development which are more referred to as low code platforms.

In my next post, ill be writing more about the concept of low code and Citizen Development and how utilizing low code can be extremely helpful in an organizations digital transformation journey.