Beezy and Nintex: Automation for the Digital Workplace

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During the last quarter of 2017 Beezy and Nintex announced their technology partnership and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Beezy is one of the most successful Digital Workplace solution and Nintex is the leader in Workflow and Content Automation. It’s the perfect equation:

Intelligent Process Automation + Digital Workplace = Intelligent Workplace

Why does it matter?

Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) and Beezy are both committed to solve the same problem: On a daily basis an employee needs to deal with different platforms, content and disconnected pieces: Sharepoint, Outlook, Salesforce, Box, SAP, custom databases… you name them! Nintex Workflow can orchestrate and automate the content across all these systems of records. And Beezy, using NWC as the underlying workflow platform can surface the only relevant information for every employee in their custom workplace.

How does the integration work?

Beezy works on top of Office 365 and SharePoint on prem and was looking for a way to include workflows in their solution. The creation of a custom connector seemed the way to do it, and when we were deciding on which platform build it (Office 365 or SP on prem), the release of the Xtensions framework opened a door much wider for the integration. And much easier!

Beezy has created its own Nintex Workflow Cloud connector using the Xtensions framework: A set of Beezy custom actions that allow Beezy and NWC talk to each other. Using the Beezy connector, from a NWC workflow we can post comments, cards or create communities but more importantly this connector is bringing the power of the Nintex platform to the digital workplace: custom events, logic and flow actions, external start and the whole set of NWC connectors bring the process automation side of things to the Digital Workplace. And with that Beezy raises the 4th pillar of the solution: Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge… and Processes


What makes it so powerful?

Here are some of the benefits of that Beezy and Nintex can bring together:

  • Get notified and take action

Nintex Workflow Cloud is able to trigger a workflow listening to the events of your favourite system of records, whether it is Salesforce, Box, Dynamics or just a simple web form.

With the addition of the Beezy connector, now we can post messages in our workplace and consolidate notifications from any of your systems or applications. In other words, without leaving my workplace in Beezy I’m going to be able to see when an opportunity in my salesforce is about to close or when someone is filling a form from my website or, if I am a manager, to see when someone has requested some days off.

Getting notified is good but taking action from that notification is even better.

The Beezy connector can include actionable messages on the notification itself, meaning that any system of records can surface tasks and activities along with option buttons into the workplace. Therefore we don’t have to go to Salesforce when I need to approve a discount, I don’t have to go to HR system to approve a leave request, I can just stay in my digital workplace and do it from the same Beezy action card.

  • Make the conversation part of the process

In some processes, especially those including tasks and decisions we normally miss the conversational element. When people get a task, very often there’s a conversation among the different members of the team before taking the right decision. This conversation, however, is not usually part of the task item but now, Beezy can collect that and include it in the task. That gives us the full context of any decision and more importantly can make the difference in the future to understand the reason why a decision was taken months ago for instance.

  • Context matters

Beezy leverages the External Start capability of Nintex Workflow Cloud to start workflows from your workplace. In other words, the external start can be used to bring actions to the workplace customized to the content we are working. Just imagine you’re working with a document in Beezy; wouldn’t it be great to share that document externally with Box or send it to DocuSign/Adobe Sign to get it electronically signed?

  • Talk to Beezy - ask the BeezyBot

Sometimes you know what to do but not how to do it, so why not having a chat? Beezy includes a chatBot, the BeezyBot, which also understands the context of every piece of information. The BeezyBot is smart enough to collect the needed information from you and your context and start the right workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud, whether it is submitting a leave request, a new site in your workplace or changing the status of an opportunity in your CRM.  

I leave you a short video here with a couple of use cases but, considering all of the above, the scenarios and use cases  are countless. And the good news is that Beezy and Nintex partners have already started to make them real. In other words, Nintex Workflow for Beezy it’s already here!

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Hello Peskiwane, how are you? I wanted to know if you have recommendations on how I can parse data from a Nintex repeating section?

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Hey Byron McPhaul

You might want to look at the following 

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