August Mission Winners 2015

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the August Mission 2015 - Fix the broken workflow treasure hunt! Coincidentally, I color coordinated my outfit to the M&M prize today

Hope you all had fun with this multi step mission; first off you had to solve the workflow, and then guess the number of M&Ms to be in the running to win.


Who won this month's mission?

The total number of M&Ms was 1199. So da da da...!! Stefanie Sloper​ is our winner, with a guess of 1200 Stefanie, we'll be sending out that jar of Nintex M&Ms to you as well as another prize. And for the rest of the top five, you'll also be getting a prize for your awesome treasure hunt work.

  1. Stefanie Sloper​ with 1200
  2. Bruce Altner​ with 1252
  3. Andrew Glasser​ with 1331
  4. Cassy Freeman​ with 1350
  5. Warwick Ward​ with 1006

What was the problem with the workflow?

Well, the workflow would run, but it wouldn't create a new site. The reason had to do with a misconfigured Create Site action. The site didn't create because the create site action was incorrectly referencing a variable titled "URL Name" instead of the SharePoint list column "URL Name", and the error wasn't being captured due to 'Error handling" turned on, but not configured correctly. Once you recognized the URL Name reference was incorrect, and updated it, the new site was created.

Now to the second part of the mission. Once you fixed the workflow, and the new site was created, you were sent to a web page to count how many M&Ms were in the jar. A special shout out to Andrew Glasser​ who sent me a very cool M&M estimator workflow, and yes it worked! The workflow was only 21 M&Ms off the total when I put in the right measurements; proving you can use Nintex Workflow for pretty much anything I've attached it to the bottom of this post, if you want to check it out.

For bonus points, we also asked people to guess the mystery was a Quokka, an Aussie animal which lives off the west coast of Australia. Cute eh? If you want to see more of this happy animal, you just have to google "Quokka selfies"!


Until next time,

Emily, your Community Manager

Nintex Newbie

Yay! Great initiative.

Automation Master
Automation Master

I wish I could change my hairstyle as many times as you do Em 😉