August Mission - Happy Birthday, Community!

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Its our birthday!

The community just passed three years of answering questions, finding answers and sharing knowledge.  And the monthly mission, as usual, gives the gift to you.

bday cake

It's a bit involved, and I'm asking a lot... but hopefully you'll spread the Connect birthday love.

Here's what we ask of you in a SINGLE REPLY BELOW. And DO NOT reply until you're ready to post EVERYTHING.

In your reply below post the following:

  1. A link to a UserVoice suggestion you've voted on
  2. Visit and click "actions" > follow on three sets of release notes
  3. Update your status
  4. Update your avatar (doesn't HAVE to be a real photo of you, but if it is - secret bonus points!)
  5. Tag (using "@" then their name) three people who've helped you in the community.
  6. And then post a snippet showing you on Twitter holding a cupcake, cake or treat of your choosing saying: "Happy birthday #NintexConnect! Three years of connection! #Nintex"

If you do those things and post the images to prove it below, you will win a present!

No. Not a real present. But you'll win this present:

And it comes with 200 very real points in the community to boost your street cred!


Thank you for three years of questions, answers and sharing! May we see many more!