Anonymous Form Submission

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SharePoint is a great tool to collaborate and track document changes. 

But, have you ever had the requirement, that a form should be submitted "anonymously"?
Some customers know the princip of inboxes, where you can place a complaint anonymously.

Since this is a bit "not featured by design" in SharePoint, I would like to share my solution approach.
(There are others, as you can read here: Anonymous Form Submission but in my case, I don't want to delete submitted items.)

First, I create a new Site-Workflow.
For this scenario, I need two variables. One is for the complaint-message and one is an optional textfield, where you could enter your name, if you like.

(Please note: "Show on start form")

Secondly, I edit the start form with Nintex Forms. The fields are connected to the corresponding variable.

Thirdly, I insert two Workflow Actions. The Action Set is needed to run all child actions using the credentials of the user who published the workflow.

And that's it. In my case, I use the Nintex "Start Site Workflow"-Webpart to embed the form. All submitted items will be created by the account who published the workflow. So be careful not to use your personal account.


Raphael Bachmann

this is escellent and so simple too!


Hey Raphael, do people need to select the "run as workflow owner" option in the action set for this site workflow?



Yes, that's basically the "Magic" part. "Run as workflow owner" (indicated by the blue and yellow shield) will create the items in the context of the user, who lastly published the workflow.