Add an Image Link to Nintex Forms

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Nintex Employee
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If it’s a static link for the image they can follow the instructions below:


  •      Add Rich Text Control on form
  •      Open Control and click the insert ribbon
  •      Click Image and select either computer or from address
  •      Select the image (if from computer) or input the url (if “from address” selected)
  •      Image should be available now. Click ‘Edit Source’ in the ribbon
  •      Append <a href=””> </a> around the image source html in the box
  •      Save the control
  •      This image is now a hyperlink


If you are looking to do something more dynamic (based off of an entry in a field), it may be quicker to do a button, set the button type to ‘Image’ then use JavaScript to build the link.

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I am using a Rich Text control to do exactly as what you describe above. It is (should be) pretty straightforward: <a href="link info"><img src="/imagepath" target="_blank"></a>


Every time I try this, Nintex adds another image tag so that the syntax is now: <img /><a href><img /></a>


I can go into the Edit HTML source and see the new/extra image <img /> that I don't want or need.


What on earth? I thought maybe the _blank was my problem so I omitted that (even though I really need it) and got the same result, so it's not that. Any ideas?

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I commented out that first/unneeded image tag and lo and behold, Nintex adds ANOTHER one. 


<!--img alt="alt text" src="/sitename/Apparel/01_longsleevetee_t.jpg" style="margin: 5px;"/--><img alt="alt text" src="/sitename/Apparel/01_longsleevetee_t.jpg" style="margin: 5px;"/><a href="/sitename/Apparel/LadySweatshirt.jpg" target="_blank"><img alt="alt text" src="/sitename/Apparel/01_longsleevetee_t.jpg" style="margin: 5px;"/></a>


How can something so simple be so difficult?