Activate Nintex Forms Web Application Feature via PowerShell

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Products: Nintex Forms 2010, Nintex Forms 2013

A question came in about activating Nintex Forms 2010/2013 via PowerShell. It is fairly easy to do assuming you have the FeatureDefinitionID (0cdf436f-61b0-43d2-b250-4360f0353b63). Below you will find an example for how to activate/deactivate the feature via PowerShell.

PowerShell Script
  1. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
  2. Enable-SPFeature -Url -Identity 0cdf436f-61b0-43d2-b250-4360f0353b63 -Confirm:$false
  3. #Disable-SPFeature -Url -Identity 0cdf436f-61b0-43d2-b250-4360f0353b63 -Confirm:$false

Note: To deactivate the feature, uncomment the 5th line and comment the 3rd line.

Version History and other scripts can be found here:

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