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Getting started with your Nintex Connect Community

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Welcome to the new Nintex Community site. We've been working really hard to ensure you have the best experience possible, so let's look at three things you should care about as you get started.


1. Questions and Answers by Forums:
A lot of our members constantly expressed that it was just plain hard to find specific content or know where to post questions. The new grouping should reduce that friction really fast for you. The new community works by first navigating you to the Forum, you can think of this as the platform in which you are using Nintex.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.54.38 PM.png

Once within the forum, you can then view the featured, latest, and unanswered post or search by capability such as (i.e. Forms, Workflow, Doc Gen).Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.57.03 PM.png


2. Searching for things within the Nintex Connect
Posting questions is one of the most fundamental reasons people come to the community, and we want to help with that. We are testing a new feature which allows you to see recommendations similar to what content is available in the community prior to posting your own question.


We want to help you find relevant information as fast as possible, therefore we will be posting an article dedicated to just this topic. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the process or any trouble achieving posting your questions.


3. Community leaders and the leaderboards
People are our most valuable assets and the community leaders are what help make this community successful. To help promote them and also share who they are within the community, we have a main leaderboard area on the home page and then within each forum, you will also see the top contributors and moderators that you can reach out to for help or questions.Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.59.14 PM.png


As you get into the community and get started, take the time to let us know what you think. Also if you have any questions, comments or feedback use this link to shoot use a note. 

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Nintex Newbie

The new portal looks nice but where has the possibility gone to insert images from the clipboard to new posts? I didn't find how to insert or upload images directly while writing a post...?!

Nintex Newbie

It's a nice looking site. You guys know all some of your google search results are broken now though, right? I don't know about others but it was always a lot easier to find things on this site from Google than it was to use the actual site search. 


Edit: After more testing, it seems like SOME things are broken while others redirect correctly.


Links like this usually work correctly:


Links like this(and any other blog links I tried) are broken:



Automation Master
Automation Master
The new portal looks nice but where has the possibility gone to insert images from the clipboard to new posts? 

I didn't find how to insert or upload images directly while writing a post...?!

Yeah... this is a rather unfortunate thing. There is however a bit of a workaround at the moment. 


Click on the Photos button:


And from there, you should be able to paste your photos directly into that window. You can also set positional information and size (large is a 1:1 scale). Sadly you don't seem to be able to resize after the fact, even though it looks as if you can. 

Hope this helps. 

Nintex Newbie
@MegaJerk Thanks for the update. This feature hasn't been there when I wrote my comment. Meanwhile, like you wrote, this functionality seems to be activated. I would like to give you Kudos but unfortunately the button isn't clickable...
Automation Master
Automation Master

@lonesurvivor: No prob. Also, the Kudos button currently has some silly css / event placements applied to it that makes it look as if it's disabled if you're not hovering directly over the thumbs-up Icon!






Nintex Newbie
Hmm in my Firefox there is a pointer-cursor when I'm hovering the thumb-icon but on click there is nothing happening... :\
Automation Master
Automation Master

Logged into FireFox now and it's working the same as Chrome :\ I dunno! If you have a script blocker on or something that might also be causing interference.

EDIT: Waiiit a second... You're right. On *some* posts it's completely turned off, for others it's just the half and half (where only the hand will let you click it), and finally for some posts it's totally correct where the entire thing acts as a button!

Guess it's another bug to report!

Nintex Newbie

OK, I give in

How do I create a new blog post?

Automation Master
Automation Master

There are no more blog posts (unfortunately), just regular posts (even though that doesn't stop you from specifying that you're trying to have a discussion / make a tutorial at the top of your regular post). 

To make a regular post, go to the 'Forums' slideout on the lefthand side: 



and then use the 'Create A Post' button on the lefthand side:



I hope this helps. 

Nintex Newbie

Thank you - that explains it all

Nintex Newbie

Thanks @lonesurvivor , @graham @graham @nj for your responses.


Let me take a moment and comment on them as I can.


  1. copy/paste images - this was an identified issue early on, yet is how the platform works currently and not something we have a setting to enable or disable. That being said, I have confirmed it is on their roadmap and should be available at some point in the future. As soon as we get it enabled, I'll post something in the community news area.
  2. kudos - the kudos does work in a funky way. You have to click on the thumb and not on the word. I'm researching if we can modify this all together.
  3. kudos on certain post - one thing to note, the system will not allow you to give a kudo on your own content. If you have seen it disabled on a different post, please ping me the url so I can take a look at that.
  4. blog post - you are correct that this has been pulled from the forums and centralized under the community blogs area that is hidden for now. This is not permanent, but we are experimenting with making it better to post value-added content to the community. With that being said, we are also working on a few updates to the community which will include granting certain users the ability to post blogs, so stay tuned as we roll this out. 

Hope this information helps you see where things are and also that we value your feedback. I will update more post as things change in the community.

Nintex Newbie

While viewing the "Unanswered Posts" and you select a post to read, when you go back to the forum list (either via breadcrumb or 'back' on the browser) you're placed at the "Answered Posts" view (default), which is quite annoying.

Nintex Newbie
Hi all, I still can't give you kudos to your answers though I want to. The cursor is switching to pointer when I'm hovering the thumb-icon but the click doesn't get registered. Also the console of the browser (neither IE 11 nor Firefox) doesn't recognize any event catching, network-traffic, etc.
Nintex Newbie

@michaela - you are correct that every time you revisit the page it would land you back as a new page session and start you on the first tab. I will look into this to see if it can retain a cookie for ease of use purposes.  What I have done in the past was "right-click" and open each question in a new tab to avoid losing where I was in the list of unanswered questions.

Nintex Newbie

@eharris04 thanks for the work-around. BTW, is this the appropriate thread to provide feedback on the new forum? Because another thing I'd like to raise/ask is why usernames are shown instead of 'display names' throughout the forum. This is different from the previous forum, so I'm just wondering if this a deliberate choice or if there are plans to change back to display name.


Personally I find interacting with display names (especially when tagging) to be a much better user experience and improves readability compared to user or login names.

Nintex Newbie

Is it just me, or are we always required to login between sessions? If so, can we bring back persistent logins, or at least the option to "Remember me" at the login page?