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Variations should be viewed by how they are entered

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I have a process for Purchase of Goods and Services and there are different variations for the $ value required for said goods or service.  When I entered the variation (and go to modify my variations), they are listed as in attachment 1 by dollar value in ascending order.  However, when I open the process to view it, the dropdown box appears (attachment 2) for me to select which variation I wish to view. I put in a support call with the outcome being that "The variations get grouped together with similar numbers 200, 20001,234,20002 - it will be reordered like this:

I can get the list sorted how I want it by adding the prefix to the short title with a, b, c, d, e, f etc etc..but I think we should be able to view the variations, for ease of access for the end user, how they are entered.  It would also be a good idea if we could move them around like we can with activities, tasks and notes.


I have put this in the Nintex Promapp uservoice page if any one is keen to vote on it.