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Highlight the Message Notification to ensure people read it

I use the messages quite often on the home page but many staff do not read it as it does not stand out and people don't see it.  I feel that if it was more prominent and emphasised, my imporant Promapp Messages would be read by all. 

Nintex Newbie

We decided not to use the bulletin board at all for a couple of reasons:


1. It's not visible on the screen when users log in to Promapp; many never scroll down the screen so would never see messages posted.

2. Once the user deletes the message it's irretrievable and isn't stored anywhere.

3. There's no control over who can post a message, anyone with a Promapp account can post; potential for users to post inappropriate/false information.

Nintex Newbie

Totally agree with this recommendation - current position is of little use. Needs to be somewhere up "top" so the user does not have to scroll down.


In general there is some much lateral space/real estate available to use and reduce the amount of scrolling down (if users even do it).


We broadcast news posts that I develop from a user SharePoint I created to help inform or message.


I didn't find anywhere to vote this up.