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Workflow Analyzer Version Released

Nintex Newbie
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Nintex Newbie

Hi Aaron Labiosa‌, any status update regarding plans for a release compatibility for Nintex Workflow 2016 / SharePoint 2016? Thanks a bunch!!

Nintex Newbie

Here is a install link for WFA:

Nintex Newbie

Hello, Aaron.


I recently visited the link you posted above and downloaded and installed the latest version of the WFA (  It's a great tool, but I've experienced a few things that might be bugs, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  (Please tell me if it's the latter)


The Best Practices Analyzer flags the following:


Any state machine, even if it simply contains an End State Machine action in each state.

"Detected a state machine missing change state action configured to exit: True."


Update Item actions in series, without a Commit Pending Changes action between each one.  One Commit action after the last Update Item isn't sufficient.

"Correctly handles batched actions: False"


Copy Item actions in parallel legs of a Switch action, unless each leg contains its own Commit Pending Changes action.  One Commit action after the switch isn't sufficient.

"Correctly handles batched actions: False"


Thanks in advance for any info.


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