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White line Fever.. Playing within the boundaries

Nintex Newbie
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So what is with the title ?? Well here in the land of droughts, floods and fire we have a popular saying “White Line Fever” now it may be used in other countries, but in context here, it is associated to someone playing sport namely AFL (Australian Rules).


The way it works is, let’s say Barry is the nicest bloke around town, and wouldn’t hurt a fly and goes out of his way to help the old lady across the road.. But Barry suffers from “White Line Fever”.. Every Saturday he runs out onto the Football Oval, and as he crosses the white line into the field of play, he becomes a man possessed. The Barry that you knew during week is now null and void.. All you have a hot steaming mess hell bend on getting the football at no cost.. This is white line fever.. Now whilst it might sound like a good thing, and at times the player with white line fever can sometimes spur a team on just when they need it.. Most of the time however, they are unpredictable and normally end up on the side lines because they have done something stupid outside the rules…  Which takes me to me point…..


This month with Nintex Mobile, we have added support for Attachment validation.. So now when you use attachment validation on your web based forms, the Mobile counterparts will fall inline as well, rather than allowing anything (Playing outside the boundaries).. Let’s take a look. Below I've attached some Pics and a Video.. However the form doesn't like the Video (as the exclamation states)


Now unless you are using Android, your options are somewhat limited as to what you can attach.. (So much for “Smart Phones” ) Pictures and Videos are pretty much your only choice for device land, but with the new capability this will start allowing you to enforce that the picture be attached.. E.G, no reporting of an issue unless you can take a picture of it, because without the picture, it is a lot harder for the person on the other end of the information to make an informed decision without out seeing the issue. Similarly let’s say you are using mobile at a mine site and at the end of the shift you do a spot check on your equipment and see a small leak in a hydraulic hose. Getting out your mobile opening up your maintenance request form I can fill in the info about my machine, now because it is a hydraulic issue I can enforce a minimum amount of pictures that need to be taken and attached to the form. Similarly I can stipulate the maximum amount of attachments as well.


This additional capability adds just that bit of extra sophistication to your mobile forms, and really excites me to think about what I'll be blogging about in 6, 12, 18 months time

So now as a good coach I have got the knowledge and power to be able to guide my players with white line fever, and instruct them where to best focus their energy.. Rather than just letting them out onto the field to run around cray cray. Enjoy

Nintex Newbie

Thanks for the write up Dan, especially the nicest bloke bit...but honestly, I've never been on the footy oval in my life!

Nintex Newbie

Or helped an old lady across the road