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Using process reviews to maintain the gains

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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Excerpt from: Using process reviews to maintain the gains


The big transformation

Last spring, I had a professional landscaping company come to my house and replace the weeds that dominated my front yard with new sod. They also converted one large planter into two smaller ones and added fresh mulch. The contrast between the new yard and old yard was startling. Not long after they had completed their work, I began to notice that the new grass, although certainly healthier and more attractive than my old weeds, still required a minimum level of work in order to maintain that stark contrast over the old weeds.


The “big transformation” had temporarily solved many of my problems – an unsightly yard, out of control weeds, and unhappy neighbors – but it did not eliminate the need for me to manage my yard. Despite the large upfront investment, I still had to work to maintain the gains that were made.


It is not uncommon for organizations to approach process management like I approached my yard project – with an overemphasis on the dramatic transformation and an underdeveloped system for maintaining the transformation. Proper process management has mechanisms for maintaining

process transformations – one of which is the process review.


See full post here: Using process reviews to maintain the gains


I have created a process review procedure template that you can download for free at the Nintex Process Accelerator Gallery. If you are a Promapp user, you can import the XML file directly into your Promapp environment and modify to fit the needs of your organization.

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