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Updates to the Nintex community site! June 2015

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Hello Everyone!

Today we're introducing a few new changes to the Nintex community site. These changes are focussed on the top navigation piece, as well as your activity streams.

Top Navigation

You’ll notice that there is an additional tab in the top navigation called “News”. When you click on News it’ll take you directly to the activity stream of the site.

Once you’re in the News Stream, you’ll see options for different kind of streams. By default your news stream will show content which is targeted to you with a focus on trending activity, trending people, recommended content, people and places.

There is also a Top and Trending, and Most Recent stream.

Top and trending

The “Top and Trending” space will show you the top content in the Nintex community. When you return to this stream, you’ll see a blend of content you may have already seen, as well as recommended content you may have missed.

Most Recent

The “Most Recent” stream is a time based activity stream which provides updates on any updates to documents or blog posts, new discussions, or new content that has been created.

Creating your own streams

You can also create your own streams of activity. This may be on a space, certain people, or a tag. For an example of how to create your own activity stream, go to Customizing your Community Activity Stream

Where is my inbox?

Your inbox is now accessible directly from the navigation at the top of the screen. You’ll recognise it by the @ sign. Clicking on the @ icon will take you directly to your inbox.

How to access My Content?

Accessing your content is now easier than before. To access your content, including questions you have posted, blog posts you have written, questions you have responded to, or any content you have saved in drafts, click on Your Content.

How to I access my bookmarks?

You can access your bookmarks from the search bar, or from your profile. This post Community Tip - Locating your saved bookmarks explains how that's done.

Changes to viewing content on Nintex Connect

The Nintex community has areas which are visible publically without signing in, and other areas which you will need to be registered on the stie to view content. Make sure you're signed in to access all the content on the site