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Updates in the Nintex Community!

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As of today, you'll see some changes on the Nintex community site, which should help you find your answers faster, as well as identify different groups in the community site! So what will you see...

I have the same question!

Ever come across a post where you have the same question or experienced the same issue? You'll now see the option to click on "I have the same question" which appears on every post.


A more helpful "helpful"

Let others know if a response helped you or not. It'll tally up the helpful responses each time, making it simplier to identify a reponse which provided the most help to the community.


Identify Nintex employees and community champions

We've introduced new role badges which allow you to quickly and easily identify a Nintex employee, or one of our Nintex support guys. We will also soon be introducing a badge to identify the experts and champions in the community. The badge appears next to the members name, and I've included a list of the different badges here.

Nintex Employee16-employee-orange.png
Nintex Support 16-support.png
Nintex Expert16-champion.png
Nintex Community 2014 Champion16-winner2.png

Nintex Virtual Technical Evangelists (vTEs)

Nintex virtual Tech Evangelists are a select group of experts on Nintex products from Nintex's worldwide Partner community


Want to reduce your email notifications?

Any time you receive an email notification from the Nintex community site, there will be an option at the bottom of the email to quickly turn off email notifications.

Changes to your activity stream

Your activity stream will be changing too, showing you more relevant content not just what was just created or modified. You'll now see more of a focus on top and trending activity, trending people, recommended content, recommended people and recommended places.

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Hi Emily..

Make a separation in community for Nintex O365 and On may be helpful..

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Thanks for the feedback Arunkumar! We are looking into that

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Hi Arunkumar Nagarajan‌ - we have just launched a new space on the community site specifically for Nintex For Office 365‌. It's a subspace of the Learn more area, and you can also access from the "Discussions" top nav menu.


Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi Emily,

Might want to update this post to include vTE badges now that we are running about

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Good point! It's also updated here Badges and Earning Points on the Site