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These are the voyages of the Nintex Mobile Enterprise

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Its continuing mission: to explore strange new scenarios, to seek out new forms and new tasks, to boldly go where no app has gone before.

Captain's log: Well it is here, a great new piece of functionality to join the Nintex Mobile Enterprise capability. Pushing on from Brad Orluk​'s post a few months back around branding Nintex Mobile Enterprise Building custom-branded apps is easy with NME this new functionality takes it again to the next level.

Looking at the screen of the Nintex Mobile Enterprise builder. The Form and Task filters are 2 new categories that have been added. What this allows, is the ability to choose which forms and tasks that are shown within the app.

Below we have an Nintex Mobile that can be pushed out to a segment of users, who may have permissions to a whole lot of stuff on SharePoint or Office 365 but in the mobile you just want to restrict it to the 2 most important things for their daily functions.

Once I have gone through this I can build it out for deployment. Next I need to address other areas of the Enterprise.

HR or in this case "OLR" needs an App to deploy to everyone on the ship.

As admin I can build out this App and also add some workflows to it as so the tasks from those workflows come through to the app for action.

Now I can schedule in my 2 apps for build and deploy out to the relevant users via my MDM server..

So there you have it.

You can now explicitly specify which forms or workflow tasks go into a Nintex Mobile Enterprise app, giving you the ability to build and deploy branded departmental, regional, or process-specific applications. Deliver a richer alternative to web-based access for your SharePoint and Office 365 users. They'll gain the convenience of a single entry point for the forms and workflow tasks that are relevant to them.

(For more details on showing and hiding forms and tasks in apps, see the help:


Nintex Newbie

Can't wait to demo and show it to customers. Some of them will turn crazy!

Nintex Newbie

This is really awesome to see in NME. I can think of a zillion (or so) ways this will come in handy when building mobile solutions.

Plus, well done on the space faring show references. Now my turn: