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The Nintex Community Survey Wrap Up

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Hello Nintex Community!

As someone said in their response to the survey, thanks to everyone on the site for their Nintex Community Spirit! And that's exactly what I think this site is so good at, and very evident in the feedback; so many of you mentioned how important and active the site is, as well as the willingness of others to share knowledge and tips to genuinely help others out.

Some quick takeaways:

  • 50% of you visit the site at least once a week
  • 76% think the site makes it easier for you to work with Nintex
  • 70% believe the site helps you connect with other users
  • 73% say the site helps them share their knowledge with other users
  • 60% say the site helps you get answers to your questions
  • Roughly 60% believe the site is easy to search and 50% think the site is easy to navigate
  • And 90% of you would recommend the site to a friend
  • Troubleshooting is the most common reason the community site it used, as well as finding best practice information and keeping up to date with product releases. You also like to use the site to get ideas on how others use Nintex products, to share knowledge and information, as well as educating yourself on issues.

I’m so thankful to everyone who participated. We really wanted to hear what you all think of the Nintex community. There were some fantastic ideas offered up, some of which we can do, and others we can’t, but are looking into ways to meet those needs. For example, yesterday we made a few changes to the top navigation and individual spaces which we think will help with challenges around navigation and search. This is something we're constantly looking into and improving and your feedback helped clarify some aspects. In the meantime, look out for other small changes to the site based on the feedback we received.

A few of you mentioned how this survey reminded you that you can contribute in different ways to the site, whether it be writing a blog post, answering questions, giving advice, or generally contributing any tips and tricks you have about Nintex products. And for all those new to Nintex, thanks for being involved, we're very happy to see you here.

A lot of you are also doing a fantastic job of reporting back to your initial questions with any news you’ve learnt, progress you’re making, and even if you’ve resolved the issue. As well as being able to answer that question, you're also providing valuable information for other community members who may also have the same question.

As part of our continued theme of hearing what you like, ideas you have for the site, and what you'd like to see improved, we're opening up a dedicated space so you can give feedback about the site to myself and team The Nintex Community Site Feedback Space

Additional updates, information and FAQs inspired by the survey

We've improved the ask a question widget

We had some feedback around confusion on which space to ask the question in when you're coming from the home page or support space. We've updated the "ask a question" widget on these spaces so the question will be posted to Learn More​, unless you specify a different space in the list of options.

No question left behind

There was also talk about what Nintex is doing around unanswered questions. We keep tweaking with the tech on the site, and that was why we made it easier to find Unanswered Questions​. Building on that effort, we're currently trialing an auto-escalation process for customers with Software Assurance; that means if you post a question on the community and, after a few days, you don't have an answer, the question will be escalated to our support team to address. This is just another way to ensure "no question is left behind". As this only applies to new questions, there will be questions which haven't been answered which you're always welcome to sink your teeth into and add your two cents.

What resources exist for those new to the site?

A few of you were asking for content on how to use the site. You can find information about the site, including tips as well as an overview video in this post Nintex Community Newbies

How can you contribute to the Nintex Community with a blog post?

If you’re registered with the community you’re able to post a blog in the Learn More and Nintex For Office 365 spaces. There is additional information in Blogging on the Learn More Space​.

Tip: If you start writing a post, and then put it in draft mode, you’ll need to find it again , which you can do through the drop down arrow next to your profile, and then clicking on "Your Content". Locating that draft document or blog post you wrote

How can I connect to another member?

As long as you are registered on the site you can connect with anyone. There are a couple ways you can do that:

  1. Hover over someone’s name, and their profile pop up will appear. You can then choose to follow, or message.
  2. Click on the members’ name, and select follow or message on the right hand side.

How can I find out about the Monthly Missions?

Follow me . Each month I post the new mission on the Tech Blog​, including the winners from the previous month. In your Preferences​ you can choose to be notified by emails of all your connections, or customise a stream to follow my name or the tag "monthly mission". I'll also have an announcment which will appear on the community site.

How to find unanswered questions?

You’ll find the Unanswered Questions forum in the Forums tab. This is the list of unanswered question which can be sorted by tag. Add your +1 to issues you're having as well to help raise it's profile, or answer questions for others where you know how to resolve it; someday, they may answer one for you too!

Weekly wrap up

Each week I post a wrap up of what's been happening in the Nintex community. You'll find this wrap up on the home page of the site, which I post up on a Wednesday or Thursday. As part of the weekly update, I'll also be including a few questions which haven't been solved and put it back to the community to see if someone else can offer a suggestion! You'll find these in the Getting Started section, but you can customise one of your activity streams to follow the tag "Community news" so you never miss an update -Customizing your Community Activity Stream.

How to track my post history and activity in my profile?

You're able to keep track of any content and activity you have posted in the site through your profile.  Both these options are available in your profile. Get there by selecting the drop down arrow next to your avatar, then View Profile and click on Activity in the navigation bar.

How to update your status?

You can change your status by opening the News tab, and going to an activity stream. At the top of the page you’ll see the option to add a status.

Where is UserVoice?

UserVoice is Nintex’s feedback forums. This is where you’ll find ideas for Nintex products suggested by others, you can vote on a current idea, comment on it, or add your own! You can access UserVoice from the Support tab, or go to

If there is anything else you'd like to know, please leave a question in the comments section below